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Web Development Full Course - 22 Hour Course | Learn Full Stack Web Development From Scratch

184 Views· 08/17/22
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This is full Stack Web Development Course for Absolute Beginners 2022. A 22 hour video covering all the major topics of web development. Become a full-stack web developer from this complete course from scratch for mastering web development in 2022.

Learn the fundamentals to build a strong foundation in web development. Tune into this video till the end to cover and clear all your basics and become a full-stack web developer TODAY 🔥

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0:00 Teaser
1:06 HTML / CSS Fundamentals
02:50:00 JavaScript Essentials
05:55:38 React Fundamentals
07:59:23 Tailwind CSS Fundamentals
09:09:20 React Query for network requests
11:02:23 CI/CD and GitHub Actions
12:16:56 Linux CLI - Learn the basics of bash
14:21:00 Learn Node.js 17 From Scratch
15:40:51 Learn Next.js 11 - Build Modern Next.js
18:05:27 Advanced Next.js Concepts
20:02:32 Redis Caching Concepts with Node.js

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