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WARNING.. if this is true we are all F*CKED!

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DON'T BE FOOLED BY FAKE NEWS INTEL.. I received an alarming email that you must see! URGENT WARNING

Don't believe everything you see and hear.. Especially rumors of total collapse that don't make any sense at all!

Prepare wisely and prudently.

#bankruns #economiccollapse #globaleconomy

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Supplying honest truth and applying knowledgable and educated reasoning.

Breaking down the latest news and information about our economy, supply chain, congress, President Biden's Presidential Emergency Board, Meet Kevin, the housing market, real estate, hourly workers, retail jobs, Walmart, Costco, Target, restaurants, fast food industry, the auto industry, the railroad workers union strike, supply chain shutdown, economic collapse, money relationships, theft and protection, and preparing.


The clock is ticking and we are running out of time. The U.S. government is flexing their muscles and we need more solutions to all the problems we are facing and will soon face. SHTF PREP NOW!

Now is the time to get your affairs in order. Finances, credit, savings, pensions, retirements, stock portfolios and 401ks will be put to the test and broke, middle class working class poor Americans are at great risk.

Inflation & shortages will be worse than ever before

Looming railroad workers union strike will shut down 30% of the U.S. economy and the fallout will be catastrophic.

It's FINALLY HAPPENING and no one is prepared for this

Prepare Now Coming Doom!

Panic and Chaos has begun as a result of food shortages, economic collapse and global war.

MICHAEL BURRY'S FINAL WARNING: How Bad The Crash Will Get & When To Buy
- Michael Cowan

Is your income safe? Is your job or career safe? Are you at risk of becoming unemployed or laid off? Mass lay offs, job cuts and hiring freezes starting all across the country.

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SHTF PREP NOW Walmart, Target, Costco, Century Aluminum, China destroying economy, supply chain and cities with stores closing across the country.

Businesses are feeling the pain of our overall economy. The latest CPI inflation report and The Fed announcing the next rate hike to be 100 basis points or more will continue to hurt YouTube content creators' ad revenue as they see their views, CPM, and RPM continue to drop.

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30 Stats To Show To Anyone That Does Not Believe The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed
- Epic Economist


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