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Top 9 Side Hustles To Make BIG Money In 2022

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Check out some great investing platforms below to recession proof your wealth and help you get to your first $100,000:

Wealthsimple Trade is one of my favourite places to start investing! (Self Directed - this is where you can buy Index Funds/ETFs!!):⁣⁣

⁣⁣Wealthsimple Invest (Robo-advisor):⁣⁣

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I have read so many books about side hustles, read so many blogs about side hustles and have done so many side hustles myself that it was about time I made a side hsutle dedicated video to help you make money in 2022! These top 9 side hustles to make big money in 2022 will help you tremendously to make some serious cash and help you invest all the more and get wealthy FAST!

Please comment any questions on the side hustles listed in this video as well as anything on investing, business, multiple income streams, index funds, habits to get ahead, saving your first $100K / $100,000. exchange traded funds, fire, financial independence, fire movement, personal finance, investing or any financial freedom topics that you are unsure of!

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