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This Isn’t Just A Temporary Supply Chain Crisis Its The Beginning Of A Global Supply Chain Collapse

61 Views· 02/11/22
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All around the planet, inflation is rapidly spiraling out of control. And the worst supply chain crisis in modern history is only adding fuel to the fire. With each passing day, more disruptions emerge and more price hikes are announced while the global population continues to struggle to get by. The vast majority of us are just barely scraping by from month to month. And this means that we have never been more vulnerable than we are right now. 
In the United States, an alarmingly high rate of Americans literally lives on the brink of financial disaster. A survey released in recent days has found that seven out of ten Americans are living paycheck to paycheck right now. Researchers also highlighted that 63 percent of adult Americans don’t see themselves reaching a level of financial security that will allow them to live the lifestyle they want. Amongst their biggest financial concerns were rising credit card debt, cited by 58 percent of the respondents, declining credit scores, with 54 percent, and unaffordable housing, noted by 51 percent of the surveyed. Even in the world’s leading economic superpower, the largest portion of the population doesn’t have a financial cushion to fall back on. Even after politicians and policymakers have absolutely flooded the system with printed money over the past two years, more than two-thirds of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. 
When we consider the global outlook we can rapidly realize that it is only a matter of time before another major crisis of some sort erupts to make things even more chaotic. The ongoing global supply chain crisis is at risk of evolving into a global supply chain collapse that will ultimately affect everyone on the entire planet. Problems have been piling up for a long time now, and one industry CEO is warning that more trouble is ahead. The Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest container shipping company is saying that the supply chain crisis that have been slowing down the global economy and spurring inflation are not getting any better, “Right now the situation does not appear to be getting significantly better,” Skou said in a recent interview. “I wish I could say that things are getting better, but right now there’s nothing in the numbers to suggest so.”
Demand for goods remains Strong, but "global trade is constrained by the shipping capacity that's available," he explained. "We still see this long queue in the U.S., particularly in Los Angeles, not really moving, only very slowly," he added. Given that we’re extremely reliant on this network that allows the flow of goods around the globe, his statement is a very big deal. Some of us may not realize it yet, but this means that the economic difficulties we have been facing won’t go away any time soon. The breakdown of global supply chains will only accelerate and add immense stress to our lives.
According to The National Federation of Independent Businesses, a Tennessee-based association of small business owners, the rate of small business owners in the country that is currently raising prices is the highest that it has been in almost 50 years. The organization found that the percentage of small business owners raising average selling prices jumped to 61% in last month, a four-point increase from the previous month and the highest reading since the fourth quarter of 1974. Just as a reminder, 1974 was definitely not a good year for the U.S. Apparently, 2022 won’t be a good year for us either.
Our system is extremely corrupt, but most people can’t see this reality. Most of us are just going to keep “consuming” and “consuming” until the whole system finally collapses all around us, which will not take too long since the U.S. economy has already started to implode. Global trends show that our crisis will only accelerate in 2022, and we should wake up and stand up for ourselves before it’s too late because most of the global population is still num band waiting for everything to come back to normal.​

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