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The Next Bailout Will Be Only For Them, NOT For You

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Today we're talking about the next bailout!

Everyone seems to be so certain that monetary and fiscal policy right now is headed toward a crash, that inflation will stick around and continue to grow, and that the next bailout will come for everyone as it did in 2020.

I'm going to outline a little scenario here in this video that will challenge each of those assumptions.

But the biggest problem here is that the next bailout will not come for you and I, but for the government, financial instituations, and large corporations.

The pain will be laid on individuals across the nation, and they will just ensure that the system doesn't collapse. So if you're waiting on that next stimulus check, or that universal income, that plunged protection to prop up the stock market? They might be waiting on something that will never come.

0:00 Video Overview
1:22 Intro
1:26 What Happened In The Fallout of 2020
3:16 Fed Selling Assets off Balance Sheet
4:52 Inflation or Deflation
6:03 Who's Getting Bailed Out
8:01 The Fed's Next Move
10:30 The Domino Affect
12:09 Officials' Solution to Inflation
13:56 Start Preparing
14:15 Outro

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