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?The Greatest Recession in Human History Paving The Way to A-One World Digital Currency

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The Greatest Recession in Human History Paving The Way to A-One World Digital Currency
Rising worries about a global recession led to fears of a longer-term demand disruption. Not just a global recession; this is the greatest recession in human history. This pandemic has changed the course of history.

This is not just economic collapse. This is the collapse of Civilization. The entire world is shutting down, and people are freaking out as we have never been before.

The impact on humanity will be of Biblical proportions.

What's going on, we've never seen before in our lifetime. Experts are warning that hundreds of millions of people around the globe could eventually die. It is mind-boggling to think of the lost businesses, lost jobs, lost retirements, lost security and plans, lost confidence in governments. What would an after pandemic economy look like and who can calculate the economic destruction.

Our society is not equipped to handle a crisis of this magnitude.
This has triggered the global economic reset we鈥檝e been waiting for.
Organic job creation is not solid. When nearly 1 million Americans are claiming jobless claims each week that is not a good sign. Even that number is understated.
Market shrugs off everything. It entirely ignores the overwhelming amount of negative/poor economic data, while running wild with about 5% of the total data that is slightly positive. Investors have never been more irrational.
I mean, the Fed's plunge protection team (Blackrock) has never acted so irrational.
The US Government is PUMPING the Stock prices artificially via infinite margin trading desks. Dow Jones was trading at 15000 in 2015 with much better corporate earnings and fundamentals.
The bleeding hasn't started yet.
The sad reality is when markets fall, they sometimes do not come back.
Bogus GDP number

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