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Taiwan - Prepping for War | Unreported World

2 Views· 11/14/23

Unreported World meets Taiwan’s ‘preppers’ determined to defend their country against a Chinese invasion. Krishnan Guru-Murthy follows civilians learning how to shoot weapons and save lives, as the Island prepares to protect its way of life.

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Democratic Taiwan is living in limbo. The self-ruling island is viewed by China as a renegade province, and Beijing has vowed to unify by force if necessary. As Taiwan’s autonomy strengthens, the threat of war grows louder. But China’s military is twelve times that of Taiwan’s, and there is growing concern that Taipei isn't ready.

But not everyone thinks resistance is the wisest route to survival. On Taiwan's Kinmen Island, just 2 miles from mainland China, Guru-Murthy learns what happened the last time China’s mighty military attacked Taiwan's shores.

Producer/Director: Amy Gardner
Series Producer: Andy Lee
Executive Producer: Ed Fraser
Production Company: Channel 4 News

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