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Senate Republicans Block Democrat Voting Bill; Florida Requires Students Learn About Communism | NTD

112 Views· 06/23/21
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NTD News Today—6/23/2021
1. Senate Republicans Block Democrat Voting Bill
2. Michigan County Authorizes 2020 Recount
3. Senate Re-examines Cocaine Sentencing Types
4. Republicans Set To Block D.C. Statehood
5. Fla. Requires Students Learn About Communism
6. Illegal Immigrants Take A Risky Ride North
7. Biden's Plan To Address Extreme Weather
8. Ethical Concerns Over Use Of NIH Funds
9. Some Of Khashoggi's Killers Trained In U.S. -NYT
10. U.S. Opens Fund For Relatives Of 737 Max Victims
11. Shareholders Warn Coke Over Diversity Policy
12. Andrew Yang Drops Out Of NYC Mayoral Race
13. NYC Drops Hundreds Of Cases Against Rioters
14. U.S. Fast-food Chains Dish Out Pricier Menus
15. LA Police Catch Thief And Return Stolen Purse
16. Man Charged Under Hk's Security Law Pleads Not Guilty
17. HK Tabloid Apple Daily Last Edition Thursday
18. Australia Against UNESCO Designation For Reef
19. Deepoptics Releases High-tech Sunglasses
20. Iconic Paris Department Store Reopens
21. Dubai Driving School Offers Luxury Cars
22. Tokyo 2020 Organizers Ban Alcohol At The Olympics
23. 9 Easy Ways To Avoid GMOs

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