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?Prepare For The Coming Epic Meltdown and Engineered Economic Collapse

45 Views· 04/25/21
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Prepare For The Coming Epic Meltdown and Engineered Economic Collapse

I cannot figure this market out!
A promise of both higher corporate tax and capital gains tax, and the market is not even abit muted!
Buy the dip continues! It will be funny to watch them trying but the dip all the way down. One of these out of control has to break this, stocks, housing, commodities. If not the case, let have a pandemic every year!

Make no mistake about it .
It is all going down.

All Wall Street’s doing is suck’n in as much as possible before the Bear market (of which HAS already begun) takes hold.

4 to 16 months out is gonna be real ugly.

This one’s gonna be an agonizingly slow, long-lasting, painful Bear market.

The good part of that; for the few that are left standing, once it’s over the bargains will be LIMITless.
Stay away from the noise. The meltdown is coming soon. We are in the final phase of the melt-up. More money has flooded to the market in past 12 months than in the past 12 years. That’s the typical exuberance you see just before an epic meltdown.

Inflation has been beyond target since February 2021. We have been seeing sequential increases by 1.2 times each month in the CPI.
Even I have been underestimating the rate of inflation, as I had predicted strong CPI inflation to show +0.48% in March 2021. The actual number came in at +0.6% for March. That is already an annualized rate of 7.2%. This is rising a lot faster than expectations and will be VERY DIFFICULT to stop if it goes unchecked. This is like a train that got on the wrong track and is rapidly ascending on a track to disaster. The engineer is asleep in his chair. Inflation is far BEYOND the Fed's target of 4% per year. It is already 2 times of that target.
The FED has created the biggest asset bubble in US history.

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