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Prepare For A Severe Financial Depression - Robert Kiyosaki

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Prepare For A Severe Financial Depression - Robert Kiyosaki

"The biggest stock market crash in history is coming. It’s here, this is the biggest crash we will ever see in a lifetime. It is called everything bubble. Everything is going to come down. So for most people that’s bad news."- Robert Kiyosaki
This was not the first time Kiyosaki spoke about an upcoming Great Depression. Kiyosaki warned about hyperinflation and depression back in April when he cautioned stocks and bonds are slumping. He is now stressing about depression and civil unrest.
Kiyosaki projected that investors should brace for a significant market crash and depression that will likely impact investment assets like Bitcoin.
According to the businessmen, the crash will be initiated with what he termed as fake inflation being pushed by the Federal Reserve. But why is depression lurking around the corner like never before.
This is the sad tale of the declining economy of America and how Robert Kiyosaki's prophecy seems to be playing out sooner than expected. Please watch, like, and share this video. Drop your comments and observations below and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this. Let’s dive right in.
Robert Kiyosaki has declared that aside from the United States, China, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world are in trouble and the problem is the lack of leadership.
We believe that a leader is one who carries the people and the affairs of the nation. But this Biden is a failing in his effort to do exactly that

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