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People Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter Because They Feel What Is Coming

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This is going to be an extremely bitter and cold winter for millions of people from all over the globe. The rush to hoard energy supplies is rapidly accelerating as soaring prices and concern about potential shortages continue to cause anxiety for countless families. In many places, widespread street demonstrations have already begun. New reports reveal that homeowners are lining up for days to buy coal, firewood, and alternative heating sources ahead of the winter. The cost of living crisis is plaguing several major economies around the world, and people are getting increasingly furious with their governments’ inaction. This is set to be the most devastating energy crisis the planet has ever seen and we must start bringing attention to this issue before it’s too late.
A recent exposé published on ZeroHedge reported that mindblowing gas and electricity prices are leading households to seek alternative energy sources as global energy production sharply declines. Over the past month, demand for firewood has shot up by 100% and it is expected to go even higher, according to Deutsche Bank analysts. On top of that, countless people have started lining up their cars and trucks outside coal mines to be able to secure supplies before they run out.
At this point, soaring demand is forcing mines to ration supplies or offer the fuel to individual buyers via online platforms, in limited amounts, the report adds. Artur, who did not want to share his full name, said he had “collected paperwork from his extended family in the hope of picking up all their fuel allocations at once.” However, ZeroHedge analysts argue that despite the struggle to buy the supplies they need, “these households are probably in better shape than the ones relying on natural gas, whose price is rising by 10-20% every day, and is now almost literally in the stratosphere.”
All across the globe, and including here in the U.S., skyrocketing costs for energy are already crippling economic output, and heaping pressure on politicians to resolve the crisis with winter just a few months away. This Monday, natural gas prices were about six times higher than they were at this time last year, with the panic spreading across nations ahead of peak winter demand. Numerous families out there are being absolutely stunned by the size of their energy bills, and a severe backlash has been brewing in some places. In fact, a separate Reuters report revealed that very large demonstrations are happening in a number of different countries. 
It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning. A lot of government officials are worried that there simply won’t be enough energy supplies for everyone, and that shortages and outages may leave a large share of the global population in a very dangerous situation. That’s extremely alarming considering that over 50% of the U.S. population uses natural gas to heat their homes. This is especially troubling news for those at the bottom of the economic food chain, who are now expected to spend almost 70% of their incomes on energy alone.
A lot more chaos is going to erupt in every corner of this country sooner than most people think. Authorities aren’t taken this crisis seriously enough, and we’re the ones who are supposed to face the consequences of their “wait and see” approach. If you can, we would like to encourage you to do what you can to become more independent from the power grid. The worst is yet to come. Energy bills are about to hit extraordinary heights, and this is going to cause excruciating pain all over the western world.

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