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How to Survive a Cult

178 Views· 12/08/21
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Cults are groups of people gathered together by a common ideological system. They center on a charismatic leader who claims to be the only one who can help them to transcend the imperfections of life. Many of the most infamous cults have involved terrible crimes like sex trafficking, fraud, murders, and even mass suicides. How can you identify if you’re in a cult?
What can you do to escape one? And how many people fall victim to these things?

00:00 How to Survive a Cult
02:14 #1 Read the signs
03:00 #2 Escape
03:46 #3 Keep your documents with you
04:32 #4 Distance Yourself
05:45 #5 Collect evidence

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Whether it’s an earthquake, mudslide or shark attack, survive whatever awaits you. How To Survive shows how to endure life-threatening moments with science and survivor stories.

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