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How to Find Toys Made in the USA (+ Best American Made Toys!) - All American Reviews

152 Views· 07/19/22
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In this video, we're talking about toys made in the USA. Over 90% of toys purchased in the U.S. today are made in China - absolutely ridiculous! We cover why American toy manufacturing matters, what to look for, some of the best American made toys, and where some of the big toy manufacturers are actually made.

Article - Toys made in the USA:
Video - how to find products made in the USA:
Article - How to find products made in the USA:

0:00 Intro
1:16 Getting Into Our Top Picks
1:44 Baby Toys Made in the USA
3:25 Stuffed Animals Made in the USA
4:30 Plastic Toys Made in the USA
6:15 Arts and Crafts Toys Made in the USA
7:32 Puzzles and Blocks Made in the USA
8:41 Outdoor Toys Made in the USA
9:14 Where Are The Big Brands Made?

Top Picks:
Green Toys:
Bears for Humanity:
Trouble the Dog:
American Plastic Toys:
Land of Dough:
Wikki Stix:
Beka Blocks:
Liberty Puzzles:
Springbok Puzzles:
Wiffle Ball:
Amish Toy Box:

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