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How The Last Zipper Manufacturer In America Survived | From The Ground Up

560 Views· 11/03/21
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Zippers connect some of our favorite products, but one thing you may not know is how intricate they are to make. Which is why this company is one of the last zipper manufacturers in America. From luxury chains to every day closures UCAN Zippers ships globally from their Los Angeles Headquarters:

When it comes to making any product that involves a zipper, the perception of quality comes down to the opening of the chain. How that chain is made makes the difference between a hundred dollar product and a thousand dollar one. Which is why it’s crucial to understand how the making of the products you select are created.

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📚 Chapters
0:00 How Luxury Zippers Are Made
0:46 How UCAN Zippers Are Made
4:48 Zipper Dyeing Process
9:27 How Molded Zippers Are Made
10:08 How UCAN Zippers Survived In America

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