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Good Vibes | A Happy Indie/Pop/Folk Playlist I'm sure 100% feel good

321 Viewsยท 03/16/23

Playlist I'm sure 100% feel good in February

00:00 Volcan Peaks - Dreamers Of The Shore
02:51 Cody Francis - I Don't Wanna Go
05:18 Cody Francis - Feel So Lucky
08:41 Cody Francis - Rose In The Garden
12:02 Ten Towers - A Stormy Weather
15:20 Ten Towers - In Spite Of All
18:58 The Eastern Plain - Different Kind Of Lonely
22:45 Victor Lundberg - I'm Not Over You
26:41 Windshield - Bye Bye Love
30:15 Cody Francis - Get To Know You
32:57 Daniel Gunnarsson - Love You For It All
36:18 Towers - TrueTen
39:59 Windshield - Still Got The Vibe
43:29 April Moon - Boys Don't Cry
46:41 The Eastern Plain - In And Out Of Love
51:07 Humble Hey - Give Me
54:52 Ludlow - Ride It Out.
58:21 Velvet Moon - Hush You
01:01:38 The Eastern Plain - While You Can

๐ŸŒฟ We feature indie/pop/folk music from underrated artists, and distribute to different social platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music...) so that talented artists would be heard, and our audiences have the greatest experience with new high-quality music.
๐ŸŒฟ We love to work with talented artists. If you would prefer your music to be featured in our Youtube channel, and our different streaming platforms, please contact us.

ยฉ๏ธ Copyrights:
โ–บAll rights belong to their respective owners. If any of the owners of the music / background used in this remix are not satisfied, please contact me if anything goes wrong.

Please have great time here and enjoy nice music! Love you all โค

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