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Everything the Great Reset wants by 2030

12 Views 07/18/22
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Everything the Great Reset wants by 2030. The great reset may not be a secret to some but new things pop up all the time when it comes to this topic. The World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab is very transparent with his plans for with the 2030 agenda to "reset" the world's economy. It's most famous line, "You will own nothing and you will be happy" is a blatant threat to end private property. He even wants us to not eat meat.....he'd rather us eat Cricket protein and live in Communist style pods. So make sure to watch this one....

0:00 Intro
0:43 Recap of the great reset agenda
1:15 Elimination of private ownership of homes
3:12 Digital surveillance & social credit
5:25 Brain implants and hacking humans
6:00 Digital currency and the great reset
7:30 The ESG adaptation for investors
9:26 Who's supporting the great reset agenda for 2030
10:35 The UN & WEF new partnership
11:00 Final thoughts

Elon Musk: A Friend or a Foe to the Great Reset?

The Great Reset is Coming for our Kids

The Great Reset UBI has Started....

Great Reset's Secret Weapon UNLEASHED...


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