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Everything in the 2000's

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This video is about everything in the 2000 decade

This was truly a great assignment. I discovered there were many things that made the 2000 decade so special. Many ideas came into my head. I decided on doing a video tribute about the 2000's. As an ancient proverb states, "One picture is worth a thousand words." So many things were revolutionized in the 2000 decade and products that would change pop culture. My tribute begins by reminding the viewer of the greatest impacts of the decade. It starts with a video of Steve Jobs introducing the IPhone. The IPhone is created by Apple and was one of the most sought after products of the 2000s. It was an introduction to technology of the future; a stepping stone for better things to come. Next in the tribute I share a video of an event that would change the nation and our everyday lives as we know it, the tragedy of the 911. It was a time that revealed the evilness of the terrorist and the courage of the President and the United States to unite as a nation. Following the two video clips, I organized the remainder of the tribute to show pictures and clips of movies, commercials, products, events, posters, etc that I felt were introduced in the 2000s and influenced our society. The pictures were separated into categories; crisis and disasters; movies and commercials; memorable items and games and finally daily items that most people use every day but was invented not so long ago. I concluded the tribute with pictures of world records and moments that can't be forgotten.

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