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Essential Medical Supplies needed for SHTF – Stock up Now!

115 Views· 06 Jun 2022
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There are so many medical supplies to choose from and more so, so many people just don’t know exactly how to use them. This video and the ones to follow will narrow down what to buy and how to use them.

👍 👍 👍 WATCH THIS NEXT – Top 10 Medications to get from Costco! 👍 👍 👍

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Medical Kit Supplies

Examination Gloves

Sterile Gloves

CPR Mask

Curved Hemostats

Straight Hemostats

Simple Straight and Curved Hemostat Set

EMT Shears

Suture Set

Skin Probe

Disposable Scalpels

Pen Light

Emergency Blankets

Tongue Depressors

Cotton-Tipped Applicators (Medical Q-Tips)

Contact Thermometer

Liquid Bandages

Single-Use Gel Superglue


Large Safety Pins

Suction Device Kit

Suction Device Turkey Baster

Large Syringe

Manual Blood Pressure Kit

Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff

Intermediate Stethoscope

Advanced Stethoscope

Pulse Oximeter


Tens Unit

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