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Donald Trump felt ‘wounded’ by Megyn Kelly’s viral debate question

45 Views· 09/15/23

Sky News contributor Megyn Kelly urged former president Donald Trump to move past her debate question in 2015 as the former president refused to “let it go” during a sit-down interview.

Tensions between the two were raised after the first Republican presidential debate in 2015 when Ms Kelly questioned the presidential candidate at the time about his treatment of women.

“Is there a more viral moment in debate history than that moment? There isn’t,” Ms Kelly told Sky News host Paul Murray.

Ms Kelly recognised how well the former president responded to her question and stressed her goal was “not to kill Donald Trump on that stage”.

“Trump is still mad about that debate question in his heart,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“He wants to point out how well he did in answering it and I agree he did well, the base loved his answer, it drove his poll numbers up, but he felt wounded by it or angry about it.”

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