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Does Google Ads Care About Small Businesses?

24 Viewsยท 08/22/23

Let's explore the factors that make it difficult to be a small business playing in the Google Ads space. Regina will attempt to answer the question of whether or not Google's algorithm "cares" about accounts with small budgets or whether it's something else that makes being small so difficult in a competitive landscape.

Understanding what makes it difficult for small businesses on Google Ads will help shed light on potential solutions that could give you a much-needed edge over others in your space. You won't feel stuck while trying to break away from endless competition- there are means of progress available if you choose to take advantage of them!

Furthermore, Regina shares how she helps small businesses grow with Google Ads. Watch the video now!

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Does Google Care About Small Businesses?
5:29 The algorithm is looking out for itself
7:42 Keep an eye out for this factor to combat the algorithm
10:29 Donโ€™t make the mistake of not increasing your ad budget

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