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Brace for Fed Impact: August Inflation Worse than Expected

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Brace for Fed Impact: August Inflation Worse than Expected

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The August inflation numbers are out, and they came in much worse than expected. The expectations for month over month inflation were that they would move down 0.1% and in fact, they moved up 0.1%. Also, year over year, inflation came in higher than expected and it wasn't isolated to any specific category. The price increases were broad over pretty much every category.

This means, coupled with some other indicators that we're going to look at, the federal Reserve is almost guaranteed to raise rates by 0.75% next week, and there's a good chance they might actually increase their rate hikes to a 1% hike. This means much more aggressive tightening from the Fed. So, brace for impact.

0:00 Video Overview
0:48 Intro
0:56 Disinflation Starts to Set In
2:39 Inflation Failed to meet Expectations
4:22 Big Moves in Asset Prices Across the Board
7:54 Outro

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