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After Van Life: Affordable Housing Options For Seniors

125 Views· 29 May 2022
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#gloriouslifeonwheels, #vanlife, #affordableseniorjousing, #rvliving

With the cost of housing for seniors rising so much faster than incomes, finding affordable housing options is a challenge for seniors living on a fixed income such as social security. That is why so many have chosen to take to the road as nomads. However, for most this lifestyle has an expiration date due to health and other issues that will impact them. Living the van life or cheap rv living on the road sadly cannot usually not be a permanent solution.
In this video I bring you along on a tour of an RV Park, Pattie's RV Park and Propane in Quartzsite, Arizona that offers affordable options for an exit plan that even includes renting an rv, mobile home, or trailer for those who do not have a rig or whose rig has broken down and they do not have the means to repair or replace it. Let me know what you think of this option for an exit plan on the comment section.

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