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8 Fast Food Restaurants That Prices Are About To Double In The Months Ahead

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Even as Americans have become more health conscious, fast food has remained a staple of the American diet despite its nutritional deficiencies and risk of harm. Over 198,000 fast food restaurants serve 30% of Americans daily.
Fast food is popular because it's fast, cheap, and satisfies our salt, sugar, and fat cravings. However, several of the most popular fast-food items have increased in price.
Inflation affects food prices everywhere, especially fast food. PriceListo found that fast food establishments have raised prices 12.9% overall. Some restaurants have raised prices more than others.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that limited-service restaurant prices rose 7.1% in October 2022 compared to October 2021. Table service charges rose 5.9%. These were the two biggest BLS-recorded increases. Menu prices are rising nationwide.
In today's video, we'll see which restaurants and commodities raised prices the most.

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