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7 Surprising Bitter Leaf Health Benefits ( & SIDE EFFECTS)

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Bitter Leaf Health Benefits and Side Effects

Bitter leaf is a herb in the Asteraceae family with dark green leaves and a rough bark.
When a bitter leaf is long overdue to be plucked, it turns yellowish.
They are cultivated in tropical Africa, although they're primarily grown in West Africa, where they thrive in various soil conditions.
Let's take a deeper look at the benefits and side effects.
1. A versatile herb
Regular intake of bitter leaf helps to regulate the blood cholesterol level, which is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.
Similarly, the leaf can be consumed to treat fever, feverish condition, joint aches, different levels of intestinal complaints, stomach ache, as well as parasite induced disease like malaria.
2. Postnatal care
In some places, when a young mother delivers her newborn, Bitter leaf soup is prepared for her to eat because it is believed it contains properties that enhance milk flow in the breast.
3. Fertility Improvement
Bitter leaf is very impressive when it comes to its benefit to the reproductive system of women.
Drinking bitter leaf juice can help a woman get pregnant as the chemical compounds present in bitter leaf extracts like edotides, promotes hormonal balance and boosts your immune system to help fight against toxification.
Once balance is restored to your hormones, your fertility chances increases
4. Protection Against Prostate Cancer
Bitter leaf contains numerous anti-cancer properties like andrographolide compound which has been scientifically found to be effective in treating prostate cancers, gastric cancers, and colon.
Furthermore, studies have shown that bitter leaf extract can boost the immune system, inhibit tumor growth and prevent the development of cancer cells.
5. Great for Metabolism
The bitter leaf contains Vitamin B1, which is often known as thiamine and is essential for the human body's lipid, amino acid, and glucose metabolism.
Thiamine is a nutritional supplement found naturally in bitter leaf that aids in the oxidation of fatty acids to promote lipid synthesis, which is one of the body's most vital functions.
6. Improves the Sperm Quality
Juice extracted from bitter leaf contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamins B1 that may help to maintain sperm shape, survival, quality, and functionality.
Bitter leaves may also boost glucose metabolism, resulting in the creation of pyruvate, which is the preferred fuel for sperm cell activity and survival.
7. Bitter leaf Helps Detox the Body
Because of its high protein content, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Bitter leaf tea can aid in the detoxification of the body and the improvement of the immune system.
It is high in antioxidants and detoxifying capabilities which can help resist fat buildup in the liver, prevent fatty infections, and boost insulin output.
For years, bitterleaf juice or tea has been utilized to cleanse the liver, kidneys, and lungs.
It has also been shown to prevent the formation of stomach stones and to rid the stomach of harmful bacteria effectively
Bitter leaves have a few side effects. So, let's dive into it
1. Heart problems
Due to bitter leaf's ability to manage blood pressure, it can sometimes lead to unfavorable heart outcomes or low sugar.
Therefore, if you have a heart issue, you should see your doctor before using the bitter leaf.
2. Keep Away From Bitter Leaf If you Have Medical Challenges
Bitter leaf juice has many health benefits.
However, if you are a patient suffering from illnesses such as kidney disease, digestive system dysfunction or liver problems, ensure you get your doctor involved before using the bitter leaf for medication.
In addition, keep out of the reach of children and allergic persons.
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