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11 Life skills parents should teach their kids

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Parents have been given the solum responsibility of stewarding the next generation. So do it well, while others leave more question than answers. In this video, we’ll share with you life lessons parents should teach their kids.

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(00:01) 1. You have value
(01:07) 2. Treat other people with respect
(01:39) 3. Don’t forget your manners
(02:49) 4. Independence
(04:11) 5. Ask for help
(04:55) 6. Be curious and think critically
(05:58) 7. You’re free to express yourself
(07:03) 8. Self-discipline
(07:50) 9. Spend money wisely
(08:55) 10. Focus on the bright side
(09:44) 11. Follow your dreams

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