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10 Most Conservative States in 2023

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10 Most Conservative States in 2023

Now that the 2022 election season is over, let's see what states are the most conservative. Believe it or not, this is a big thing for some people. A study found that about 80% of the population in the US follows politics at least casually. Of that 80%, about 20% of them follow closely and are considered by some as political junkies.
These are the people that get all worked up over politics. We’ve all seen them, they are the types that get their identity from politics. I find that weird. I mean it is good to be informed, and it is excellent to vote, just don’t let it consume your life.
Somewhere in that 80% is a line where people have decided they won’t move someplace and buy a home because of how that place leans politically.
To me, that seems strange, I’ll move where I want, but that’s me, you do you, none of us are informed enough to judge people on how they see things. I mentioned that before and then I’d get comments about how I mock places and the people who live there. Yea, that is called joking, making light, being humorous, whatever. That’s what I do. Life is too short not to have fun.
But, today we are looking at the 10 states that lean to the right the most. So, if you are one of those people that only wants to be among like mined people, these states are your best chances to make that dream come true.


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