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The Over 50 Crowd

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The most frightening thing about not having food is you can't live without it. going to bed hungry, not having enough money to buy groceries, having to decide between eating and paying rent, these are the choices of life during wartime. Or the Great Depression. Yet spiraling inflation and a host of other travails has made food one of the most expensive necessities in these upside-down times.

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Why Did I Leave the West Coast? Vlog Over 50
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If you're a woman over 50, there are a few style changes to make to adjust to your changing lifestyle. In this video, you'll learn 10 TIPS to dress for a happier you!

How to Look 10 Years Younger:
How to Look 10 Years Younger:

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Click for FREE Help:
In this video, Sylvia Gordon of The Medicare Family talks about how most doctors accept Medicare's fee schedule -- even though it's very low. Some doctors charge Medicare "excess" up to 15% more than Medicare allows.


We know Medicare can be confusing, but you don't have to do it all on your own! Our service is 100% FREE and we are licensed in all 50 states. Call us at 800-970-1964!




The Medicare Family was started back in 1980 by Dick and Margaret Gordon who began helping seniors find the right Medicare plan. Over the years, their family has grown but the mission has stayed the same. Now their daughter, Sylvia Gordon (aka Medicare Mama) and her son, Elliot Gordon, along with several other family members and HONORABLE family members help seniors in all 50 states become educated about Medicare and select the right plan.

#Medicare #Medicare2022 #MedicareHelp

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Join Meg from AIM Fitness for lower back stretches to help you reduce back pain, become more flexible, and to be able to twist and move easier! If you have lost your flexibility or notice a difference in your back strength, you tend to injure your back easily, and you want to improve your back health, then this video is for you!

As we age, it's especially important to build strength for everyday tasks, work on flexibility to prevent injury, and maintain mobility in order to move around pain-free and with ease. This is a workout suitable for Adults 50+, Seniors, or beginners.
Follow along outside or in the comfort of your own home! Disclaimer: By watching this video, you choose to participate at your own risk.

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Seniors' Fitness Expert: Meg Stickl
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Bio: Meg has been teaching senior's fitness classes for the past 15+ years in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is passionate about fitness, cooking, and going on walks with her dog Finley.

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*Our Most Watched Video*
3 Quick and Easy Exercises for Seniors for Strong Legs:

#backexercises #backstrengthforseniors #aimfitness

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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated social isolation and loneliness, as well as other issues that older adults commonly face. Senior centers became a lifeline for older adults by providing critical services but the loss of in-person connections was painful. Learn more about the effects of COVID-19 driven isolation on the physical and mental health of older adults, and how community-based organizations are helping to meet those needs.

Connect with us:
Like us:​​
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Follow us:

About NCOA

Since 1950, we’ve walked beside generations of Americans. We were the first national voice for older adults. We helped end mandatory retirement. We advocated to secure Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act. Local organizations turned to us for support as they served older adults every day. And we built digital tools that empower older adults with knowledge.

Now, we’re stepping forward to do even more. Americans are living longer, but far too many are being left behind without the resources to age with dignity. We’re changing that.

We believe aging well is something every American deserves—regardless of gender, color, sexuality, income, or ZIP code. We deliver the resources, tools, best practices, and advocacy our nation needs to ensure that every person can age with health and financial security.

Visit us at

Please Donate. Your generosity brings us a little closer to a just and caring society in which each of us, as we age, lives with dignity, purpose, and security.​​

NCOA is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and donations are tax-deductible. We’re a top-rated charity by Charity Watch, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Navigator.

This is the official YouTube channel for NCOA. We invite you to use the YouTube share, embed, and/or email options to distribute this content.


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Among the reasons for the current labor shortage in the U.S. is the exodus of older workers retiring early during the pandemic. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports.

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If you're looking for an electric bike as an older woman, then you'll want to prioritize comfort and safety. Here's the e-bike we think is best for senior women over 60.

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Tomatoes are a hot commodity at Pie in the Sky. They deliver groceries to 450 seniors in St. Johns County.

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This video will detail my favorite multi-use step stool for seniors or anyone needing a boost for safe transfers and home management! Details on how to setup for use in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and for car transfers included.

0:00 Step Stool
0:10 Product Description
1:07 Bedroom
4:44 Bathroom
6:49 Kitchen
8:27 Car

Step Stool with Handle

Bed Rail

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#gloriouslifeonwheels, #vanlife, #affordableseniorjousing, #rvliving

With the cost of housing for seniors rising so much faster than incomes, finding affordable housing options is a challenge for seniors living on a fixed income such as social security. That is why so many have chosen to take to the road as nomads. However, for most this lifestyle has an expiration date due to health and other issues that will impact them. Living the van life or cheap rv living on the road sadly cannot usually not be a permanent solution.
In this video I bring you along on a tour of an RV Park, Pattie's RV Park and Propane in Quartzsite, Arizona that offers affordable options for an exit plan that even includes renting an rv, mobile home, or trailer for those who do not have a rig or whose rig has broken down and they do not have the means to repair or replace it. Let me know what you think of this option for an exit plan on the comment section.

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This video is all about setting up your new iPad. If you're a senior or new to the iPad then this video is for you. Remove the frustration of using your new iPad with these 5 basic iPad setup tips. You'll be up and running in no time!

00:00 Intro
1:35 How to Set up Wifi
3:05 How to Set Up Control Center
5:33 How to Set Up Your Dock
7:05 How to Add Widgets to the Home Screen
9:14 How to Keep you iPad Software Up To Date
10:42 How to Add Fingerprint to Touch ID

iPhone Tips for Seniors 1 : Basic Settings
iPhone Tips for Seniors 2: Using Apple Contacts
iPhone Tips for Seniors 3: Using the Phone
iPhone Tips for Seniors 4: How to Make a FaceTime Call
iPhone Tips for Seniors 5: How to Use Apple Notes
iPhone Tips for Seniors 6: How to Use Apple Reminders
iPhone Tips for Seniors 7: Learning How to Swipe
iPhone Tips for Seniors 8: How to Text
iPhone Tips for Seniors 9: How to Use Control Center
iPhone Tips for Seniors 10: How to Surf the Web
iPhone Tips for Seniors 11: How to Use the Camera
iPhone Tips for Seniors 12: How to Email:

Listed Below are Amazon affiliate links to products I use. If you click on the link and purchase the product, I make a small commission on the sale. It does not increase the price for you in anyway. It just helps support this channel. Thanks in advance for using these links if you do decide to buy one of these items.

iPad Gen 9 (base iPad):
iPad Pro 11":
iPad Pro 12.9":
iPad Mini:

Apple Pencil:
Apple Pencil 1st Gen:
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen:

Apple Magic Keyboard 11":
Apple Magic Keyboard 12.9":
Logitech Combo Touch for iPad 9th Gen:

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When seniors transition from working to fixed incomes, they are often saddled with high car payments that they no longer can afford to make. In this video, Attorney Eric Olsen explains why low-income seniors should stop making car payments and consider affordable transportation options for seniors instead.

Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction to Attorney Eric Olsen and Affordable Transportation for Seniors
1:40 What seniors can do if their car payment is too high
3:00 Why it’s OK for seniors to stop making car payments and let the car be repossessed
5:07 Why stopping car payments is different for seniors on a fixed income than young workers
6:06 How to buy a car for cash
9:26 You could stop making car payments and keep it for a few months to save up to buy another car with cash
10:49 Other affordable transportation options for seniors
12:28 Affordable transportation options for seniors who have their driver’s license suspended
13:22 Seniors should realize they have the option to stop making car payments
14:18 How HELPS Non-profit Law Firm could help you with your financial issues

Attorney Eric Olsen, Executive Director of the HELPS Non-profit Law Firm, explains why seniors could stop making car payments if they are too high. The former bankruptcy attorney details why seniors can stop making high car payments, unlike younger workers, as their income is protected by federal law.

Olsen walks viewers through the repossession process, and what repo men are and aren't allowed to do. He even lays out how you could stop paying for a few months to help you save up enough to buy a cheaper car.

The lawyer lays out how to buy a used car for cash, which can also lower your car insurance bills. He details affordable transportation options for seniors including Uber, Lyft, and taxis. Taking a taxi to the grocery store may seem like a luxury, but it could save you hundreds of dollars a month over making regular car payments. By getting groceries delivered, seniors could save even more money.

Finally, the Founder of the HELPS Non-profit Law Firm describes how HELPS can help you at little or no cost, including keeping debt collectors at bay.

Jeff Hoyt is’s Editor-in-Chief.

For more on why seniors shouldn't worry about old debts, watch

For how to deal with debt collectors, watch

To learn how seniors can avoid paying taxes, watch

To learn when Seniors should consider Bankruptcy, watch

Subscribe to on YouTube:

For more transportation tips for seniors:

For more financial tips for seniors:

If you're interested in joining the hundreds of thousands of families who've found senior living communities on, read the reviews on our website:

To contact the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm, call 1-855-435-7787 or visit

Like to save money? Please watch: "The Best Senior Citizen Discounts"

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Housing Depth: Statewide sales, renting v owning, help for seniors

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Hi SilverSneakers friends! Do you like to dance? Well dancing can be great fun, but it also provides other benefits for your body and mind, including improved posture, balance, increased cardiovascular endurance, and reduces joint pain. Dancing is a brain booster improving cognitive skills and reaction times. Today we've got a fun 20-minute dance workout and we think you're going like it!

*We did have to re-upload this video as we made a mistake on our previous upload. :)

Do you enjoy our SilverSneakers YouTube videos? If so, visit our website to experience SilverSneakers LIVE virtual workouts. We offer a variety of class formats and instructors for you to choose from. Click here to get started:

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Women over 60 face lots of challenges. But with a little planning and attention to detail, you can look stylish and feel confident. We often think that the only way to look classy is to wear expensive clothes, but it is not. You can also be classy by wearing simple clothes with an elegant style.

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I like to share my fashion experiences and also information, fashion-related topics, historical facts, and tips/ideas for any outfits and dresses. I am always trying to find creative ways to present new content related to fashion in general.

All my videos are made and analyzed by myself, with WeVideo editing software I create my own video with pictures, text overlay, and music from youtube and Envato Elements.

© Sacha Franken, 2022. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.

#sachafranken #womenover60 #maturewomen

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WHERE NOT TO SHOP OVER 50 My over 50 fashion life
I am sharing my fashion mistakes over the last 10 years as I do a closet clearout. I am telling you what I think is the problem with shopping in stores for women of a certain age. What not to buy from stores for women of a certain age and what to buy instead and where not to shop over 50.

Amazon storefront in the clothing section. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Links may be affiliate.
💛 Mint velvet oversized v neck navy shirt
other ideas UK


0:00 shops for women of certain age
1:03 sleeves that show our age
2:03 dresses that age us
2:33 do not buy jersey clothing
3:29 problem with buying from shops for women of a certain age
4:07 throw out sets
4:55 bold prints
7:18 metal embellishment
8:12 cutesy
8:39 large old leopard print
10:20 what to wear over 50

Watch next

Lookiero UK discount link

Stitch Fix UK discount link

Curateur (formely Box of Style)


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music Epidemic Sound
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In Glassdoor's March Jobs Report they said 'employers continue adding workers hand-over-fist'. This isn't surprising given Bureau of Labor Statistics' data that showed employers added another 431K jobs last month. In this video, we tell you why this means there's never been a better time to quit your job.

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