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Civics 101-Get to know your government

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10/12/2021 - Brevard County Commission Meeting

359 Views · 1 year ago

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, join us live on our website.
You can also watch on Comcast 20 or Frontier 33. All videos will be uploaded to YouTube in its entirety.

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WATCH LIVE ON FACEBOOK, TODAY at 1:30 p.m. Today's August 5, 2021 #PascoCounty Planning Commission Meeting will be streamed online and broadcast live. Visit for more information.

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⁣Special-Called Board Meeting - August 6, 2021

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Do people corrupt the government, or does the government corrupt the people? History shows it’s the latter. Governments down through the ages have accelerated the destruction of their countries through unjust law, policy, and court opinion.

Look at America today and you can draw many parallels from the collapse of Ancient Rome and Greece. Civilizations down through the ages have actually corrupted from the top down - which is also a judgment by God. This should serve as a “wake up call”. Listen to Matt’s sermon on the topic here -

Here we address the matter in short written form:

Click this link for Family and Civilization by Zimmerman:

Buy our book “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” and equip yourself with a biblical and historical basis for this mindset, to prepare yourself for the days ahead.

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell speaks in front of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs at 9:30 a.m. ET on Thursday.

In a testimony on Wednesday, Powell told the U.S. House Financial Services Committee that the U.S. economy is “a ways off” from where it needs to be for the Fed to tighten its easy monetary policy.

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell testifies before Senate committee on monetary policy — 7/15/21

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LIVE: A Senate Hearing is taking place to give updates on the progress of the election audit in Maricopa County.

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⁣Person County Commissioners meeting

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Leon County School Board Meeting - June 15, 2021

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Board of County Commissioners: Regular Meeting 06.16.21

Meeting Table of Contents:
[00:00:00] BOCC Pre-show
[00:15:14] Mtg Slate
[00:15:22] Mtg called to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation, Roll Call
[00:19:27] Opening comments for Recognitions
Various Organizations are Recognized for their Dedication and Service to Community while Overcoming the Challenges posed by COVID-19
[00:20:09] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Cohen
[00:25:52] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Hagan
[00:29:37] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Myers
[00:32:18] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner White
[00:36:03] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Smith
[00:41:32] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Kemp
[00:47:44] Organizations Recognized by Commissioner Overman
[00:56:44] Proclamation: June 21 - 27, 2021 as Public Service Week in Hillsborough County
[01:02:30] Homeownership Month in Hillsborough County - June 2021 Month
[01:11:00] Changes to Agenda & Approval
[01:14:13] Public Comment Procedures
[01:15:53] Public Comments began here
[01:29:40] Consent Agenda Approval (Item A-25 Removed for Discussion)
[01:35:15] D-1 Establish Stormwater Hardship Exemption Program
[01:44:37] D-2 Amendments to HC Construction Code
[01:46:14] D-3 Amendments to Land Development Code to Ensure Compliance
[01:48:15] D-4 Amendments to HC Mobility Fee Program Ordinance
{00:00:00] D-5 Amendment to HC Consolidated Impact Fee Assessment Program
[01:53:02] G-1 Report: African American Art Museum & Cultural Center
[02:27:01] B-4 Inter-City Ferry Service Agreement w/County and HMS Ferries, Inc.
[02:28:57] F-3 Board Policy on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
[02:46:50] B-3 Film Studio RFP to Develop & Operate Large-Scale Production Studio
[03:19:44] Break for Lunch
[04:30:35] Meeting resumes after lunch
[04:31:06] Commissioner White Point of personal privilege
[04:32:44] B-1 Contract w/South Bay CDD Holdings, Incl to acquire 73.73 Acres
[04:38:41] B-2 Contract w/South Bay Community Dev. District to acquire 10.88 Acres
[04:41:10] B-5 Annual Performance Appraisal for Bonnie Wise, County Administrator
[05:07:21] B-6 Agreement for Construction Design Build & Project Completion Services
[05:12:36] G-2 South Hillsborough County Water Demand
[05:45:38] F-1 Board Appointments
[06:05:32] F-2 Prepare and Send Letter regarding State Road 56 Extension Project
[06:28:33] Future Discussion Items
[06:30:39] Adjournment

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Join us for the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors Meeting at the County Administration Center.
Make sure to follow us on social media


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LCPS holds a school board meeting on transgender pronouns amid a district teacher being reinstated after making controversial comments about transgender students, the school district appealed the decision and vowed to take the case to the Virginia Supreme Court.

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If you are experiencing connectivity issues, join us live on our website.
You can also watch on Comcast 20 or Frontier 33. All videos will be uploaded to YouTube in its entirety.