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Censorship Sucks

Big Tech Is Censoring Legitimate Debate, With No Sign of Stopping | Kara Frederick on Fox News
59 Views · 1 year ago

Heritage's Kara Frederick joined Fox News, Thursday, May 27, to talk about Big Tech, Facebook's taking down of a video about a mother criticizing masks for children, and why the American people need to push back on Big Tech making choices for us.

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Are the haters here to stay? | The Future of Censorship | Yang Speaks
73 Views · 1 year ago

Zach meets with software engineer Tracy Chou, who recently founded Bock Party, an app that helps you block and filter online harassment. Join them as they tackle big topics like how we can regulate harassment on the internet, why online platforms like Twitter give free speech new context, and more.

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The thoughts you are not allowed to say online.  News about Censorship, Wrongspeak, and disobedience
73 Views · 1 year ago

These are some thoughts you are not allowed to say online. The recent news about censorship, Wrongspeak, and disobedience is changing all the time. What was once "crazy talk" like the theory that the Covid virus may have escaped from a lab (accidental or willful) caused Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to censor all reference. Now, 14 months later, this is a legitimate topic of discussion covered by the previous censors and new political leadership. What else fits this category of Wrongspeak? Will that list change? What is forbidden to think today, which might become mainstream tomorrow? Censorship, "Fact Checkers" and other efforts to silence dissent must be resisted.

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Let's commit an act of Free Speech and get arrested:

Even weird, racist hate cult leaders like JZ Knight should have free speech protected, not censored:

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Florida Governor signs bill to punish big tech censorship, and allow residents to sue:

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Justice Thomas Questions Censorship Power of Big Tech:

The Evil of Cancel Culture and Censorship:

To stop Cancel Culture, protect people's viewpoints under civil rights law:

Cancel Culture aimed at Conservatives is tearing the nation apart:

Academic Freedom and Cancel Culture:

German Style Internet Censorship catches on around the world:

The Rise of a culture of censorship:

New Twitter Censorship rules raises transparency questions:

Facebook and Twitter cross a line in censorship:

Big Tech Companies Team up to silence free speech:

Big Tech's Free Speech Suppression is dangerous:

The Great Social Silencing:

The Great Silencing of America and the Hallmarks of Wokeness:

Facebook no longer treating man-made covid as crackpot idea:

Intelligence on sick staff at Wuhan lab fuels debate on Covid-19 origin:

Facebook to remove "false" Coronavirus narratives from platform:

Press Secretary Psaki Defends Facebook Censorship: “More That Needs To Be Done”
87 Views · 1 year ago

President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Facebook’s censorship, saying that there was “more that needs to be done,” during the White House press briefing on 5/5/2021. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video.

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Russia Censors Internet... Breaks Internet By Mistake
86 Views · 1 year ago

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Net Neutrality
0:39 Why Not Just Block Websites?
1:07 Russia Throttling Twitter
1:19 Russia Breaks Internet By Mistake
1:46 How Throttling Works
2:09 "Middle Boxes"
2:50 Why Throttle Twitter?
3:32 Circumvent The Throttling
3:47 Russia Banning VPNs


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How media manipulation and censorship work | "Shadows of Liberty" (Documentary, 2012)
89 Views · 1 year ago

90% of the media in the USA are controlled by five big for-profit-conglomerats, creating a media monopoly that manipulates our political, economical, and social world.

With Dan Rather, Roberta Baskin, Danny Glover, Julian Assange and many others.

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Original title: Shadows of Liberty
A film by Jean-Philippe Tremblay

© 2012, Licensed by First Hand Films

Indian government crackdown on media as COVID spreads | Media Watch
81 Views · 1 year ago

0:00 - Secret prince?

We look at media coverage of Simon Dorante-Day, a Queensland man who claims to be Prince Charles’ illegitimate son.

6:42 - India’s COVID censorship

Truth and press freedom under pressure as the Indian government attempts to censor coverage of the health crisis.

12:38 - NY Post lie

NY Post journalist Laura Italiano quits after claiming she was forced to write an incorrect, front-page story about US Vice President Kamala Harris.

15:48 - Farewell Phil

Veteran journalist Philip Williams departs the ABC after 40 years.

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Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Says Cancel Culture Is New Censorship
86 Views · 1 year ago

Twisted Sister's Dee Snider famously testified against censorship from the PMRC in the '80s and is speaking up about what he feels is a new form of censorship. Dee Snider spoke about his feelings during a recent interview with Ashleigh Banfield.

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Latin American media censorship thriving amid pandemic
87 Views · 1 year ago

The press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders says attacks on the media have increased during the pandemic.
Some governments have accused journalists of false reporting on coronavirus - as leaders try to downplay the extent of the crisis.
Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Santiago.

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#LatinAmerica #PressFreedom #Journalism

62 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Trudeau's government attempting a social media takeover