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Meet your International Neighbor

Making the Move to Panama's Rainforest - The Zen of International Living #4
16 Views · 7 months ago

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In this episode of The Zen of International Living, Jessica Ramesh chats to Brian Winz about his decision to move from Wisconsin to Gamboa, Panama.

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Poverty worsens in Argentina as IMF debt repayment looms
29 Views · 7 months ago

Argentina is due to make a payment on its $45bn debt to the International Monetary Fund. But many Argentinians want to see a freeze on repayments as the country suffers a rise in hunger, poverty and rampant inflation.
Al Jazeera's Daniel Schweimler reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Latin America Now   Episode 26
48 Views · 8 months ago

Welcome to Latin America Now with a weekly roundup of important stories in the region. Joel Richards reports on the Colombia-Venezuela border reopening and the two presidents investigated after the Pandora papers. Dan Collyns reports on Peru’s culinary success.

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The UK seems to going from ‘one crisis to another’
17 Views · 8 months ago

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says the United Kingdom seems to be going from one crisis to another as it is now experiencing fuel shortages.

"We’ve had an energy crisis, now there's a fuel crisis, of course there's been a political crisis ever since we voted for Brexit in 2016,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“So, it’s just one crisis after another and people are getting sick of it.”

Mr O’Neill said the fuel crisis was bad due to a shortage of truck drivers caused by a number of things including the impact of the pandemic and the fact many foreign workers left the country during COVID.

Australia likely to station crew members on American nuclear subs
27 Views · 8 months ago

Liberal Senator Jim Molan says it is likely Australia will station crew members on American submarines which are already sailing around the world so they can get used to the technology.

Mr Molan said Defence Minister Peter Dutton has pointed out it is unlikely Australia will be able to take existing subs for itself since America is in the “biggest submarine building program by dollar terms since the 1950s because they are so concerned about China”.

“I would say that leasing … I guess it might be possible, but I think it’s very unlikely,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“More likely [is] our ability to put our crew members on American nukes that are around the world.”

Italy rolls out COVID-19 'Green Pass'
31 Views · 10 months ago

A COVID-19 Green Pass will be introduced in Italy from today, with the digital pass made mandatory for a variety of activities.

People will need to show proof of vaccination, a negative coronavirus test, or that they have recovered from the virus in order to enter places such as museums or landmarks.

The government has announced it will widen the requirements to include teachers and university students, and the pass will also be essential for long-distance transport from September 1.

Australians 'COVID fatigued' by lockdowns 'damaging their entire future'
41 Views · 11 months ago

Sky News host Chris Smith says Australians are so "COVID fatigued" not just about being locked down but about the "damage" they wrought to livelihoods, people's anxiety, and their entire future.

"Despite all the great jobs figures, livelihoods have been smashed, and continue to be," Mr Smith said.

"According to ASIC, Australia has recorded 5,517 business liquidations just in the past financial year. That doesn't include the beginning of the pandemic, that doesn't include the figures to come, for last month.

"Maybe it's worth reminding NSW officials and those in the hotspot districts, of what's at stake, when lockdowns are enacted.

"Australians are so COVID fatigued. It's not just about being locked down, its about the damage that they wrought to livelihoods, people's anxiety, and their entire future."

Cuba banks suspend US dollar deposits amid bid to end sanctions
49 Views · 11 months ago

A sanctions battle closer to home for the United States is with Cuba.
The communist country is appealing to the United Nations General Assembly to end a decades-long trade embargo, that it calls "inhumane".
It comes as banks in Cuba suspend deposits of US dollars, making life harder for people.
Al Jazeera's Andy Gallacher reports from Miami.

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Violent protests rock Peru following neck-&-neck election
29 Views · 11 months ago

Protests are sweeping Peru, the impact of it will play a decisive role in determining the country’s political future.

The losing side is protesting the results of a June 6 election they deem fraudulent and contesting around 500,000 decisive votes. Domestic and international observers have found no sign of election fraud.

RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details.

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Daniel Ortega Embodies the Evil of Ché Guevara
42 Views · 11 months ago

Authoritarianism is alive and well in Nicaragua. Atlas Network’s Dr. Roberto Salinas lifts the veil on Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, who has become notorious for jailing his political opponents and torturing innocent citizens merely for voicing their opinions, including the academic and liberty activist Félix Maradiaga. Ortega embodies all the worst qualities of Ché Guevara, one of the cruelest and most brutal figures of 20th century Latin America.

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Vaccine rollout in 'deep trouble'
58 Views · 11 months ago

Shadow Health Minister Mark Butler says the vaccine rollout is in "deep trouble" as an emergency National Cabinet meeting is set to meet tomorrow.

An emergency National Cabinet meeting was convened for Monday following the alteration of medical advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

It comes after a review by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation has seen the recommended age for receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine raised from 50 to 60.

The cohort of Australians aged 50-59 are most affected by the new advice, given they are now recommended to receive the Pfizer vaccine instead.

A number of those Australians had already been administered their first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine when the health advice changed, but experts have encouraged them to receive their second dose despite the updated recommendations.

The government has been forecasting the vaccine rollout will slow down as a result of the updates, but has remained confident it can inoculate all Australians who want to be inoculated by the end of the year.

Mr Butler told Sky News Labor has been arguing for a year that there was not "enough deals" for a vaccine being negotiated by the federal government.

"There are very credible reports that Pfizer approached the government as early as June last year for Australia to be one of the first country's to get access to their vaccine," he said.

"Those talks broke down, from their perspective, pretty hardline demands from the Australian government about what it would take to get a deal.

"We didn't get a deal until November which meant we were very late getting Pfizer."

Mr Butler also said the Morrison Government was very "dismissive" of Labor's calls for "months and months" to do a deal with Moderna.

Inside Brazil's Insane—And Deadly—Fake News Machine
42 Views · 12 months ago

Inside Brazil’s fight against COVID-19. Misinformation about the virus has been deadly, and some conspiracies can be traced back to the country’s President, Jair Bolsonaro.

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Covid vaccine mandatory for service sector workers in Moscow
43 Views · 12 months ago

Moscow has become the first city in the world to make vaccination against coronavirus compulsory not just for healthcare workers, but for employees in a range of public-facing industries, including catering, transport and museums.


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Our Terrifying Chinese Mafia Experience
40 Views · 12 months ago

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We rode through Dongbei, Northern China, and it was a wild experience. We ran into the Chinese mafia a few times, and they were not very pleased that we were there.

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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Why Activists Say Brazil's Deadly Police Raids Target Afro-Brazilians
44 Views · 12 months ago

Brazil has a rich history of popular resistance against racism and police brutality. Activists say the high rates of Afro-Brazilians killed by police amount to a "Black genocide." So when global outrage about the George Floyd killing reached the country last May, thousands mobilized even as government officials denied systemic racism exists. VICE News explores the roots of anti-Blackness in Brazil and how that manifests in policing, politics and religion.

This series originally aired on VICE TV in February 2021.

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Thousands protest against draft labor bill in Athens, Greece
56 Views · 12 months ago

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Athens as part of a 24-hour strike opposing the government’s draft labor bill, which allows employees to work up to 10 hours a day and fewer hours on other days.

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Vaccine rollout is 'creating two classes of citizens'
30 Views · 12 months ago

Journalist and Political Commentator Nathan Hondros says the thing that troubles him about the way vaccines are being treated is "we're creating these two classes of citizens".

A western Sydney mayor has accused inner-city councils of jumping the COVID-19 vaccine queue after it emerged Waverley and City of Sydney staff were being vaccinated despite being ineligible under the government's timetable.

UK scientists warn against lifting COVID curbs as variants drive new cases up
37 Views · 12 months ago

The United Kingdom is due to lift coronavirus lockdown curbs in England on June 21, despite scientists warning that the presence of a variant first spotted in India is likely contributing to the third wave of cases.
The government's vaccination scheme has been credited with bringing the rate of infections sharply down.
But now a race is on to get shots into as many people's arms as possible as daily cases breach the 3,000 mark again.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London, the UK.

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Colombia deploys military to Cali as protester death toll mounts
42 Views · 12 months ago

Colombia's president is sending thousands of soldiers to Cali as tension rises in the city after at least four people were killed during mass protests.
Friday marked one month since nationwide demonstrations began against tax reform plans, which have now been dropped.
But protests have expanded to include other social problems.
Al Jazeera's Alessandro Rampietti reports from Bogota, Colombia.

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Venezuelans see lowest vaccinations in South America
70 Views · 1 year ago

Venezuela has the lowest rate of COVID-19 vaccinations in South America. The country says it has acquired 2.7 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, but only a fraction of them have been injected into the arms of waiting Venezuelans.

Mary Triny Mena reports from Caracas.

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