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Interior Designer: Kristen McGowan

Thank you to Castlery for sponsoring this video! Castlery is an amazing modern furniture company that crafts furniture that is timeless using the highest quality raw materials to create pieces that are built for longevity and multi-purpose use. They have something special for every room of your home! Decorate and furnish my friends empty apartment with me as I transform every space into a dream space for him! From planning out my apartment design, decor shopping, renter friendly apartment hacks, DIY affordable art, apartment living room styling, thrifting and IKEA hacks, I’m sharing all of the decorating tricks, space saving hacks, decor styling tips and apartment must haves to completely transform your space! I’ll show you how to make your home look and feel expensive for less! I hope this gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to completely make over your space! #roommakeover #apartmentmakeover #castlery


Hamilton Chaise Sectional Sofa –
August TV Stand –
Luka Cabinet –
Kelsey Chair, Walnut Stain –
Zane Side Table, Dark Walnut –
Desi Wool Runner –


Diamond Jute Checkered rug:
Rug tape:
Dining table:
Sputnik chandelier:
Asymmetrical mirror:
Wall hooks:
Decorative storage box:
Large table Lamp:
Maple tree:
IKEA Glass Cabinets:
Linen pillow cover:
Faux Leather ottoman - sold out (alt option):
Genuine Leather ottoman (alt option):
Cord concealer:
Sectional couch cover:
Yellow Portugal book:
Curtain rod:
Ritva Curtains:
Curtain rings:
Pleat Hooks:
Etsy Print (large abstract):
Etsy Print (black & white stripe):
Etsy Print (Lisbon photography):
Etsy Print (space DJ):
Etsy Print (Cobble stone):
Round Wall Light:
Black mushroom lamp:
Marble tray:


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Kristen McGowan: Designer, Bachelors degree in Interior Design from Sheridan College

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Are you ready for some amazing spring home hacks? In this video, I'm going to show you some of the best ways to clean, organize and decorate your home. ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs:

From easy tips for spring cleaning to quick and easy decorating ideas, I've got you covered! And we even have a few sneaky tricks up my sleeve to make your life even easier! Watch the video and get ready for some amazing Spring fun!

DISCLOSURE: This video description may contain affiliate links. When you purchase an item via these links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Printable tutorial for the IKEA hack pillow:

Bar Keepers Friend:
Original TikTok video that inspired the pillow:
Fabric hot glue sticks:
IKEA mat:
Similar Amazon mat:
IKEA turntable:
IKEA cutting board:
Similar Amazon find:
Printable simmer pot recipe (with more recipe ideas):

00:00 Intro
00:38 Dinnerware cleaning hack
02:11 Mat into pillow hack
03:40 Wrinkled sheets hack
04:51 Fridge turntable hack
05:46 Faux plant cleaning hack
06:38 Cutting board hack
07:14 Spring home scent hack

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DISCLOSURE: This video description may contain affiliate links. When you purchase an item via these links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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👉 Put a plastic bag in the washing machine and you will be surprised what happens! ⁉️

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#bagofwashingmachine #washingmachine #tricks
00:00 Throw a plastic bag in the washing machine and you will be surprised what happens!
00:31 with a bag that you just put in the drum along with the clothes.
00:52 It is also interesting that the plastic bag will break up all the undissolved powder.
01:10 must not be higher than 40c, 800 revs.

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Do you know dirt eraser? - Here I show you 7 really ingenious tricks with it, which you should definitely know!

✅ Is HERE something for you? ➡️ *

Dirt erasers are really an asset when it comes to cleaning. But I'm sure you don't even know many things you can do with dirt erasers. So in this video, I'm going to show you 7 things you can do with dirt erasers.

1. stains and stripes on door frames, you can remove really quickly and easily with a dirt eraser.

2. even stripes that you often have on shoes, are removed with a dirt eraser in seconds again.

3. even if you have such stains on the wall, you can quickly and easily wipe them away with a dirt eraser. In the best case, however, the wall should be white.

4. since a dirt eraser also works very well on glass surfaces, you can also use it to clean the oven glass.

5. even stubborn stains on the desk, are very quickly removed with a dirt eraser.

6. even lime stains and other dirt on a faucet are quickly removed with a dirt eraser.

7. and also with dirty joints a dirt eraser can help you. Wipe a few times and the joints shine like new again.

If you don't know these tricks with erasers yet, you should definitely try them out.

❌ THIS must not be missing in any household! ❌

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✅ Baking Soda ➡️ *
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Avoid these 10 Mistakes Buying Lumber at Home Depot or any big box store.
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0:00 Keep an eye out for these
2:12 I was in the pool!
3:01 Use these to find the good wood
4:08 Don't get so sappy
5:36 It's just the piths
6:54 This is why I'm weird
8:39 Should you even buy this stuff?
10:16 Pine is not fine
12:12 Protect your feet
13:02 Go big
14:42 Save some money with this one
16:00 Bonus tip
16:25 Value your time
17:53 Just don't do this