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Survival Prepper

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Store bacon for years without refrigeration (and preservatives) using this time-tested approach. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: - start your preparedness journey:

Additional information:

* Pressure Canner -
* USDA Guide to Canning -

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* How to make survival charcoal:
* How to make a Dakota fire pit:
* 4 Stovetop Breads You Can Make With Forever Foods:
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* 3 months is all you need as a prepper:
* How to build a 3-week food supply:
* 12 Ways to Safely Cook After a Disaster:
* 8 Best Water Storage Options for Emergencies:
* Where To Find Water After A Disaster:
* 7 steps for emergency water preparation:
* 1 Year food supply:

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Avoid Inflation with a Budget Prepper Pantry: Stockpile Now!

Prepper Survival Guide On Sale!

My Favorite Seeds!

Be self sufficient on 1/4 of an acre! :

Prepper Items to Buy NOW:

Fire Starters:

Silver and Gold: Go to your local coin shop!

Foxy Alarm:

Sleeping Bag:

Second Channel:

Hey there Friends, thanks for tuning in! I am making some big life changes and taking you along, we are strictly budgeting from here on out in hopes to save money and help our family become more sustainable! Thank you so much for your constant support and love, this community is amazing ❤️❤️❤️
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We've gotten a bunch of questions on things we keep on hand other than food, so we thought we do a couple videos. This is the first one on our medical preps. Below are links to some of the things we keep on hand. The links are affiliate links (no cost to you), but helps out the Homestead if you purchase using our affiliate links.

Sting Kit:
Stethoscope/BP Kit:
Suture Kit:
Large First Aid Kit:
Neosporin 3-Pack:
Elderberry Syrup:
Eye Wash Kit:
Burn Kit:

Some other great homestead products we use:
Nossta Garden Box:
Our Vacuum Sealer:
Get your Sun Oven Here:
Endurance Solar Light:
KJK Trail Camera:
Moultrie Tree Camera Mount:
Barn Outside Light:
Barn Lights:
Cat's Claw Fasteners:
Geeni Camera's we use in the Barn:
Goat Feed Bag:
My AWESOME DryCode Boots:
Heated Rabbit Waterer:
Rat/Mice Poison:
Heated Water Buckets:
(These are some of our must have for winter here at the Homestead. These are affiliate cost to you, but helps us out a ton! Thank you!)

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Prepping For Missile Strikes SHTF World War Israel Attacked World At War Israel At War Amazon Link War Crisis Prepping - Last Chance Top Off Food Prepping Supplies War has been declared in Israel, the entire region is in conflict. Top off your prepper pantry and prepping supply stockpile now. Rising prices and shortages are here and will become worse. Here is a look at prepping for missile strikes, prepping information supplied from the US Embassy for residents of Israel. We are on the eve of war, SHTF is real. Preppers are ready for food shortages after watching YouTube channels like Full Spectrum Survival, Goshen Prepping, Alaska Prepper, Canadian Prepper, Epic Economist, Pinball Prepper, Southern Prepper 1. Preppers are trying to be ready for grocery inflation. Be prepared, not scared, be prepping and stockpiling food and supplies you never want to be without. Top Prepping Supplies to Buy Now Prepping For Coming Shortages. The world is falling apart right before our eyes...Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan and now Hamas has attacked Israel. While the wars are not on our soil, how long is it till we get dragged in?
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★☆★ Video Links:★☆★
Surviving Panic Buying
Food Shortages Are Here What Do Preppers Need
Years Supply Seven Basic Foods


Iosat Tablets Potassium Iodide
Apple Pectin
Nido Powdered Milk
Excalibur Food Dehydrator
Black Plastic Trash Garbage Bags
Amy's Organic Soups
Peanut Butter Powder PB2
Augason Farms Tomato Powder
Augason Farms Cheese Powder
Mountain House Meals
Aquatainer Water Storage Container
Heavy Duty Tarp
Bungee Cords
LifeStraw water filter system
Coleman Camp Stove
Ice Scraper Snow Brush
Canned Bread
Food Saver
Food Saver Bags
Foodsaver Jar Lid Attachment
30 Day Food Bucket
Augason Farms Rice
Augason Farms Beans
Mountain House chicken rice
Pinto Beans
Toilet Paper
Bucket Lid wrench opener

Prepping For Missile Strikes SHTF World War Israel Attacked World At War Israel At War Amazon Link War Crisis Prepping - Last Chance Top Off Food Prepping Supplies War has been declared in Israel, the entire region is in conflict. Top off your prepper pantry and prepping supply stockpile now.

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In this video, Denny covers how the conflict in the middle-east is going to spike oil prices, how high prices could go, and why you should stockpile consumables now.

Don't wait, stock up on your consumables now before inflation skyrockets even more! By doing this now, you'll be prepared for when prices really go crazy.

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The US Army trains soldiers for jungle warfare at the 25th Infantry Division's Lightning Academy on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Students spend an entire day learning about jungle survival skills such as collecting and purifying water, building shelters, setting traps for animals, starting fires, and finding edible fruits and plants.

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Every Survival Technique Army Jungle Soldiers Learn In Training | Boot Camp | Insider Business

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A quick review of an excellent affordable piece of military surplus for your bushcraft outings.

Prepared Wanderer Patches and Stickers:

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