while we dont give a damn about anything,we do care about remarks that will get this site cancelled,so keep the slander bullshit to yourself,thanks.

Point System

I see you offer a way to recompensate me for my content,is this still active and if so how does it work?At this time,that program is no longer active,until futher notice. I noticed that im gathering points,what is that for and how can i redeem those?Points gathered are based on how you use the site,in order to redeem those points,you have to be a registered content publisher and those same points are only redeemable towards banner ad promotions of your channel.If you want to redeem them,please contact and via our support ticket,let us know your channel and how many points you wish to redeem and we can let you further details on that.Note,points cant be redeemable for any currency only our ad promotion system.