while we dont give a damn about anything,we do care about remarks that will get this site cancelled,so keep the slander bullshit to yourself,thanks.

Our goal

We want to provide a community for no censorship, constructive discourse about the news and politics. With the huge influence of gestapo like minded sites such as Google and Facebook, there is too much censorship , meaning that false one sided fact checked corporate controlled views are becoming the new norm. It is also important to be able to express your opinions about important events happening in the world, so we provide users with the ability to reach their own critical thinking contributions for others,to mentally challenge corporate guided narratives. This allows people to see things from the perspective of their peers rather than filtered through the perspective of Operation Mockingbird trolls. We believe that expressing views and thoughts with others about both hardlined and softline everyday issues can be stressful, and have decided to change that experience to one that can be critical thinking superior and beneficial for everyone who still wish to maintain a sense of deep rooted critical thinking,period.