Note,although we fully support no censorship and free speech for all,we reserve the right to delete anyone considered a troll, a spamer or worse a complete slandeous freak.

.Dont waste our time or yours spamming this site with bullshit,becuase you have been forwarned!


If you guys support no censorship ,why was my account banned or deleted?

Although we support no censorship,the one thing,we reserve the right to act on,is BULLSHIT SPAM.In order to keep the site,a safe and effective place,we do monitor the site constantly for BULLSHIT SPAM. We dont mind if you have a business you wish to mention as a comment,we do damn mind,one comment turning into several-as in the case of pointblank SPAM and we will consider you A HOSTILE SPAMMER and delete your account without any notice for you,PERIOD.Thus dont abuse our portal,you have been forwarned. Also please note as well,we reserve the right to terminate your account,due to inactivity not censorship-meaning as example-registering for a account,setting up a channel or becoming a subscriber and simply forgetting you are a member for this site for 2 months or more-sorry folks unlike Youtube,we dont have the resources to allow that to happen,censorship is not the issue,its your inactivity,that got your access terminated,its really that simple. Once terminated,we cant restore any content or related account details,you will need to re-register again and start all over again,want to avoid that?Just keep your account active,thats it.

Why was my video re-categorized?

Thats simple to answer,you didnt place your video in the correct category,period.In the event,you dont find the correct one for your content,please use the category'EVERYTHING ELSE" for them.Its ok to make a mistake with that,however anyone suspected of doing it on purpose,will have thier account banned,period.So whatever you do,please take your time categorizing them correctly,please.Thanks.

Who is responsible for your content?

For all legal purposes,the majority of all our posted content,comes from third party sources such as for example YOUTUBE,amoung other video sharing platforms and according to thier own terms of conditions,they are not responsible for user generated content posted on thier platforms,thus as far as we are concerned,any issues you may have in regards to that,please forward them to our customer service department and we will let you where the content came from and you can address your concerns with them.

As for self hosted user generated content,like big tech,we too are not responsible for user generated content,however,becuase we believe in no censorship period,we are true to that policy which factor in to the previous statements,thus unless the user generated content is in direct violation to a particular country's laws as defined by thier official constitutions and not some silly politicians edicts,we will NOT REMOVE said content,period.Hope that clarifies that.