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Author and Founder of the Daily Dirt Nap newsletter Jared Dillian thinks the chances of the U.S. defaulting on their debt obligations is higher than he's ever seen it in his career. Jared breaks down the reasons why this is the case, in addition to discussing why he holds a lot of gold, and which assets he believes will weather the incoming economic storm.

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00:00 Introduction
00:10 Those Bastards
02:20 MFA in Creative Writing
07:59 Buying a House
10:36 Psychology of Debt
13:05 Healthy Relationship With Debt
15:16 Student Loans
20:51 Record Levels of Personal Debt
26:54 Risk of U.S. Default
31:08 Consequences of U.S. Default
36:26 Wheat Prices
37:41 Global Recession
38:53 Commodities Outlook

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