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Shock video: Gunmen execute driver at point blank range on NYC street

NYC has returned to its 1970s crime infested hay days with the help of the demoncrates and those idiots of mayor and governor that state had to put up with.

 A male driver in his twenties was killed and a young female passenger wounded when gunmen pulled alongside them and opened fire on a New York City street, according to reports.

(Article by Dan Lyman republished from

The shocking ambush unfolded at around 10:15 p.m. on Sunday night in the Bronx.

The NYPD has released chilling footage of the shooting.

A black BMW sedan can be seen pulling up next to a white BMW SUV at an intersection packed with parked cars.

Three suspects then discharge handguns into the SUV, with one shooter exiting the passenger side of the sedan, another standing through the sunroof, and a third shooting from a driver’s side window.

“Sergio Jimenez was struck in the head and the teen, who was in the passenger seat, was struck in the hand and back, cops said,” the New York Post reports.

Jimenez was rushed by EMS to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

“The woman got out of the Beemer to flag down a good Samaritan, who brought her to the same hospital,” authorities told the paper.

The suspects fled the scene and had not been located as of the latest updates available at the time of this writing.

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