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⁣Birds' Head Haggadah Genocidal plague doctors white candles Illuminated procession Mocking the masses at New Orleans

Genocidal plague doctors white candles Illuminated procession Mocking the masses on New Orleans city streets January 6 6th 2022

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⁣ Birds' Head Haggadah Genocidal plague doctors Mocking the masses at St. John Carbonear Newfoundland and Labrador October 2020 Canada

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A very tall Dutch young man placed me in a headlock, sort of just out of clear sight of the camera, so you can see it, but it is a bit sketchy. BRETT BOTHA is the large man assaulting me even in the lobby of the Bern Hotel in Tallinn Old Town, and forcing me out of the range of the security cameras. They have a camera outside, showing me leaving, being followed by him, to the tunnel where I fell after successfully dodging his attempts to hit me (HE ADMITTED TRYING TO HIT ME TO POLICE AFTER AN EYEWITNESS STATED THIS TO POLICE). As I lay shocked, stunned, bruised, and bloody on the ground, I turned to see Brett's fist coming down on my head. I tried to avoid it. He struck my head as I was turning, which probably saved me serious damage. My head was turned so even though I clearly remember his FIST heading towards my face, I did not SEE whether his fist was open or closed when it made contact. I am very honest and conscientious, so I use the word HIT, rather than PUNCHED. I feel punching is worse than hitting - slapping, so I do not want to risk a false allegation against him. It was 2 am. He had just woken me up. Threatening me to leave immediately or he would FUCK ME UP. He was telling everyone I was a PAEDOPHILE. I did not even remember two colleagues involved, a Syrian and a fellow Australian, had followed me. My focus was on the enraged 7 foot giant PSYCHOPATH. The young blonde Dutch guy was full of hate for me. A sort of BILLY BUDD situation. Everyone looking for some excuse to hate Markus, as usual. And taking advantage of BRETT's absurd allegations. The fact the police did not charge ANYONE with ANYTHING at all is what gets me most. And the lie that the police could not send me this footage or pdf file as it was too big to send. They demanded I travel all day, and walk to the main police station in Lasnamae, just to show me what they could have sent, via the government portal. They sent a pdf and this video. I have not viewed the pdf. Actually the Manager of the Lux Downtown Hostel, the girlfriend of Brett Botha, failed to give police a copy of the video footage from the Lux Downtown Hostel, in which Brett threatened me, and chased me out of the hostel, yelling to everyone that I was a paedophile. And she stated to police she HAD video footage. That the hostel cameras and microphones would have caught EVERYTHING. I know for a fact she listens to people secretly, using those microphones. It was a running joke among me and the Chinese volunteer that 'Big Brother is Watching' . I made a video about this incident, and that IRANIAN woman so I will not repeat everything here. But she threatened me to NOT talk to any of the other volunteers about WORK related matters, and I reminded the Chinese guy that
'this is the alleged Western Freedom' that Chinese envy so much!

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⁣Genocidal Plague Doctor mooning its ass & counting its victims & laughing Hava Nagila music 2009 birds' head HAGGADAH

⁣This vid was kicked out of youtube years ago because it was too obvious and go viral , and (( They )) didn't want people to figure this out that is all about the birds head haggadah from 1300 jew plague doctor right before 1346 " plague " ( ( well poisoning ))
genocidal Plague doctor walked mooning its ass mocking in your face counting its victims & laughing with hava nagila music 2009

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⁣City of Venice - Tourism - Traditional events - The Feast-day of the Madonna della Salute...
The Festa della Salute is probably the least "touristy" of the Venetian festivities and evokes strong religious feelings among the city's inhabitants. The holiday is, like the Redentore, in memory of another bout of pestilence, which lasted for two years from 1630-31, and the subsequent vow by the…

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⁣Plague doctors genocide birds' head Haggadah lazarettos poveglia

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⁣normalising birds' head haggadah jew plague doctor icon on Deacon whiskey
⁣⁣Irish whiskey or plague doctor juice?

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⁣The Plague Doctor was a jew ? ⁣ birds' head haggadah

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⁣Brett Botha from South Afiica...Estonian police are responsible for his next victim's injuries

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⁣Economic warfare defence

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