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How Medicare Pays Doctors
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In this video, Sylvia Gordon of The Medicare Family talks about how most doctors accept Medicare's fee schedule -- even though it's very low. Some doctors charge Medicare "excess" up to 15% more than Medicare allows.


We know Medicare can be confusing, but you don't have to do it all on your own! Our service is 100% FREE and we are licensed in all 50 states. Call us at 800-970-1964!




The Medicare Family was started back in 1980 by Dick and Margaret Gordon who began helping seniors find the right Medicare plan. Over the years, their family has grown but the mission has stayed the same. Now their daughter, Sylvia Gordon (aka Medicare Mama) and her son, Elliot Gordon, along with several other family members and HONORABLE family members help seniors in all 50 states become educated about Medicare and select the right plan.

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WARNING: 12 Days Until Inflation Surge & American’s Empty Bank Accounts (SHTF)
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WARNING: 12 Days Until Inflation Surge & American’s Empty Bank Accounts

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Here on this channel we discuss everything from finance, business, investments, and even moves made by congress. If you are looking for information regarding upcoming stimulus, stock moves, wealth building, real estate, and even cryptocurrencies - Then this is the channel for you.

Many people ask - How do I make money online - I show you…
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Whether you want to know how to trade stocks, when will the next stimulus package pass, are we getting another stimulus check, when will social security increase, how to begin swing trading, financial education, what is going on with the federal reserve, are we in a recession, how to make money online, or just basics to investing - I have you covered…

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Stretches for Your Lower Back | Back Exercises | Reduce Back Pain | For Seniors & Adults 50+
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Join Meg from AIM Fitness for lower back stretches to help you reduce back pain, become more flexible, and to be able to twist and move easier! If you have lost your flexibility or notice a difference in your back strength, you tend to injure your back easily, and you want to improve your back health, then this video is for you!

As we age, it's especially important to build strength for everyday tasks, work on flexibility to prevent injury, and maintain mobility in order to move around pain-free and with ease. This is a workout suitable for Adults 50+, Seniors, or beginners.
Follow along outside or in the comfort of your own home! Disclaimer: By watching this video, you choose to participate at your own risk.

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Seniors' Fitness Expert: Meg Stickl
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Bio: Meg has been teaching senior's fitness classes for the past 15+ years in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is passionate about fitness, cooking, and going on walks with her dog Finley.

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Do you want to maintain your independence and continue living your life the way you choose?
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Flipping to $4,000 profit in 30 days - week 2
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Want to chat about furniture flipping, real estate, house hacking, or side hustles in general? Book in a call and let's talk about it:

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Last week we set out on a mission to break our flipping record of $4,000 profit in one month. Today, we keep working toward that flipping goal with some huge profit sales. Flipping is a fantastic side hustle and I can' wait to show what we're about to make this month. Let's go!

How To Side Hustle To Financial Freedom
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Chelsea speaks with Daniella Flores of I Like To Dabble about their side hustling journey, and how their side gigs earn them $40,000+ per year.

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Existing Home Sales Fell (Again) In May
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Swan Bitcoin (Get $10 of BTC)

In May we saw a drop in existing home sales, which are the total number of homes sold declined in the month of May, on top of April's numbers being revised downward.

In this video, we're going to talk about what that means for the real estate market considering the fact that yet again, prices went up. Despite all the bearishness in the real estate market, despite the fact that sales are collapsing, sales still went up.

0:00 Video Overview
0:34 Intro
0:37 Swan Bitcoin Ad
1:03 Fewer Houses Being Bought on the Market
3:36 Supply and Demand Issues with House Inventory
6:55 Outro

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The Supreme Court made their decision on Roe vs. Wade and we’re about to see problems that could arise that are worse than we’ve ever seen before!

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Breaking News! Did Maxine Waters just incite violence over Supreme Courts decision?
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Simple Questions STUMP Young Americans... AGAIN! (REACTION)
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Fleccas Talks and Justin Awad yet again hit the streets for more trivia interviews asking basic questions to young Americans. The questions did not differ much from the previous... (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES:

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10 Best Suburbs in The Worst Cities. (Bad Metro Areas).
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10 Best Suburbs in the Worst US Cities to buy a home.
Lookin' for a suburb to call it home? Want to buy some real estate or rent in a metro area? If so, keep watching. Today we are looking at some of the surprisingly best suburbs in the united state. I say surprisingly because these suburbs are in or near cities that wouldn’t be considered the best the United States has to offer. In a few cases, I am being kind in that description.
These are diamonds in the rough. The rough is not being the best cities in the USA.
People have been fleeing the cities for the burbs since after ww2. In the last few years, we have seen a shift away from both living downtown, and the suburbs to small-town America. That doesn’t mean the suburbs have lost their appeal to everyone. Some people for whatever reason still need to live near a metro area. If you are one of those, this video is for you. Stay until the end of the video and let me know if any surprised you.
This list really isn’t in any particular order.

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giVe mE MorE m0nEy
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T - S H I R T S -

T W I T T E R -

I N S T A G R A M -

P A T R E O N -

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

15 Signs That America Is In Much Worse Trouble Than We All Thought
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Today, we brought you some numbers that may be hard to digest. Even though most of us know by now that America is in trouble, many people out there don't have any idea of how deep in trouble we really are. Offense rates are shooting up tremendously right now. As the cost of basic necessities escalates, more people are stealing to feed themselves today than in any other period in the past decade. Gas theft rates are skyrocketing, as prices rise above the $5-dollar-mark. Since January, the number of carjackings has gone up by over 300% in some cities. Officers say that it's not just a few gallons being siphoned from vehicles. Now, thieves are pumping thousands of dollars' worth of fuel from gas stations and selling it for a profit. CNN reported that, in Orlando, Florida, authorities are looking for two people who they say stole more than 1,000 gallons of fuel from a gas station. In Las Vegas, Nevada, highly modified vehicles are being used to steal tens of thousands of gallons from local gas stations. And in Greenville, South Carolina, several arrests for gas thefts have been made since January. Last week, in North Carolina last week, almost 400 gallons of gas were stolen by thieves who were able to bypass the payment system. The list goes on and on, and given that gas prices are expected to continue to rise, we’re going to see many more similar cases happening until the end of the year.
Meanwhile, on dividedness, the U.S. ranks No. 1. A Pew Research Center Survey of 20 developed nations found that Americans were the most likely to say their society was split along partisan, racial, and ethnic lines. The U.S. also reported more religious division than almost any other country surveyed. The truth is that our country is rapidly falling apart. Since the 1970s, economic inequality in the U.S. has skyrocketed, leaving many Americans living paycheck to paycheck while the nation’s top earners hoard all the gains from economic growth.
It's actually been 11 years since the last federal minimum wage hike, the longest span the baseline wage has gone without an increase since it began in 1938. Since the last federal minimum wage hike — to $7.25 an hour, starting July 24, 2009 — the cost of living has shot up by 20%, while the price of essentials such as housing and health care have increased even faster. The average rent back in 2009 was about $1,132, adjusted for inflation.
On top of all that, the U.S. manufacturing sector is facing a historic slowdown right now, which is quite alarming given that about 12% of the nation’s total output comes from manufacturing. And the supply chain disruptions we’ve seen so far are just a hint of the chaos we are going to witness this year. As we enter peak shipping season, shipping information company Frieghtos estimates that by August the price to ship one 40-ft container from China to the US East Coast will shoot up to more than $20,000, almost twice as high as shipping rates were in January, and a 500% increase from 2019 levels.
Our living standards are decaying and, at this point, we all can see our quality of life evaporating right before our eyes. That's why we compiled some sobering statistics that reveal that the crises we're facing are far more severe than most of us imagine.

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My thoughts on the overturning of Roe
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An economy update
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CGTN’s Phillip Yin spoke with Anthony Chan, a Former Chief Economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co., about the current state of the economy. #WorldToday #cgtnamerica

Winning Tears of Victory
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Inflation like a bad unwanted guest is here to stay!
384 Views · 8 hours ago

⁣THE POLITICAL ATHEIST-The real thoughts of a Bronx Man discussing off beat topics not being shared with you by the so called mainstream media.Today,I share my thoughts on todays top economic news
Here are some other great video suggestions:

After nearly taking out the OLD FOLKS-they are now gunning strategically for your KIDS!
251 Views · 1 day ago

⁣⁣THE POLITICAL ATHEIST-The real thoughts of a Bronx Man discussing off beat topics not being shared with you by the so called mainstream media.Today,I share my thoughts on todays top economic news
Here are some other great video suggestions:

Have you becomed a  subscriber of this economic mass formation psychosis?
352 Views · 1 day ago

⁣THE POLITICAL ATHEIST-The real thoughts of a Bronx Man discussing off beat topics not being shared with you by the so called mainstream media.Today,I share my thoughts on todays top economic news
Here are some other great video suggestions:

After nearly taking out the elderly population-they are now gunning strategically for your children!
425 Views · 1 day ago

⁣THE POLITICAL ATHEIST-The real thoughts of a Bronx Man discussing off beat topics not being shared with you by the so called mainstream media.Today,I share my thoughts on todays top economic news
Here are some other great video suggestions:

REVEALED: The Most Brutal Punishments In Hell
26 Views · 2 days ago

Hell is full of terribly unspeakable punishments, but here are the most brutal. Better repent, sinner!

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