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Where is the Line Between GOOD & EVIL?
2 Views · 34 minutes ago

When we demonize something in the external world, we reveal a void in our own psyche. When we try to dehumanize another or villainize something, we only reveal our own ignorance. When we promote shame, blame and punishment, we reveal just how little we know about our own inner demons and our nature.
The ones who are able to look within themselves and separate their true essence from their ego will stand as a beacon of hope for others. The ones who can emancipate themselves from ideology, tribalism, the fixation with external enemies and look within their own heart, with humility and honesty, will emerge with a heightened awareness... This is the beginning of freedom.

This video features quotes from Jordan Peterson (author and psychologist), Alan Watts (philosopher), Eckhart Tolle (author), Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (author) and Carl Jung (psychologist).

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They want you fined or imprisoned
1 Views · 35 minutes ago

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Biden Loses BIG At Supreme Court on Vaccine Mandate Scheme
2 Views · 36 minutes ago

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the Supreme Court’s latest ruling on the Biden administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate. WATCH NOW!





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Greenville, South Carolina. The BEST Small Town in America??
3 Views · 36 minutes ago

I've rarely been to a place that was as charming as Greenville, South Carolina.

Now I’ve been to a lot of big cities and small towns and everything in between. And I have to say, of all the places I’ve been, there are very few cities and regions that I would consider to be just about perfect. There are some places in Colorado and North Carolina that I like a lot. But none of them are quite like Greenville, South Carolina.

Actually, I might have to say that Greenville might be the best small town in the country right now. And I’m sure people in Greenville might be like - DAMMIT. Some YouTuber with a bunch of subs just told everyone about us. There goes the neighborhood.

Sorry Greenville peeps. But it’s true.

I visited Greenville during a southern road trip in late November of 2021. We’re going to take a drive of downtown Greenville in this video and talk about what’s good and if there’s anything bad about this place. We’ll even talk to someone who lives here to get his perspective on what it’s like here. It was a really nice morning when I took the drive. I think you’ll be quite impressed.

Greenville south carolina! Woo whee this place is special. Right now we’re in downtown Greenville and it’s early morning on a weekday. There’s no hustle and bustle here though. That’s because it’s not a big city. There’s only about 70,000 people here.

Greenville is located in what South Carolina people call the Upstate region. It’s the part of the state that touches the North Carolina and Georgia borders. The whole upstate region is a pretty neat place, actually. Everything from Spartanburg in the the east to Clemson in the west is one big newish safe neat region. The total population of upstate South Carolina is 1.3 million people. You could break the metro area up into three regions - Spartanburg, a neat college town that’s home to the University of South Carolina, the Clemson-Anderson metro area which is home to Clemson, and the Greenville metro area, which has more than 700,000 people.

Greenville has won a bunch of awards for being an awesome place to live. Forbes called it the south’s most tasteful town. Another publication called it the most underrated travel destination in the nation once. And Money Magazine called it one of the best places to live in the country. Yahoo, CNN and ME - we’re all saying it’s super cool here.

But Greenville’s growing fast. In fact, it might be growing TOO fast. That’s my opinion, because right now, it’s the perfect size. A few years back, it was in the top 5 for fastest growing cities as a percentage of its population. There’s a lot of room to grow, and Greenville has done a great job of managing it’s growth. Apparently.

The area used to be off the radar. But then BMW opened up a manufacturing center, and tire company Michelin did the same. That jump started a big growth phase, and other companies, jobs and people followed. Today, there’s a lot of growth here, and there’s even some tech companies moving into the region. Lockheed, 3M and GE also have a big presence.

With all that growth comes change. Locals might say Greenville is getting too crowded, and that the culture is changing. Greenville has managed to remain a very southern place, but it’s slowly becoming more posh and cosmopolitan. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s happening. People from outside the region are diluting the southern vibe here.

Cost of living wise, Greenville is a STEAL people. It’s far below the national average for a home- as of this writing the average home price is pushing $260,000, but it’s going up fast. South Carolina is in the top 5 for fastest growing states, as people come for the warm weather and low taxes. So for many people, they can experience the south without it costing a lot. And did I mention it’s at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains?

As we’ll see, downtown has a lot going on. There’s plenty of bars and restaurants and shopping. There’s also lots of artsy stuff, but it’s not posh artsy. Just regular artsy. There are events here all the time, too.

They have an ice skating rink downtown during the holidays.

The coolest part of downtown at night is Falls Park. There’s a river that runs through downtown and they made it look really cool. From the top of nearby rooftop hotels, you can see how cool Greenville really is. The whole region, actually. Upstate South Carolina people.

#southcarolina #moving
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If This Happens, I Pray You’re Prepared! Russia & US Heat Up For WW3! Here's What You’re No
2 Views · 37 minutes ago

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Viral ‘Karen’ Mask Fight: What’s Causing Air-Rage Rise?!!
2 Views · 38 minutes ago

As passengers slap each other on planes, what is it that’s driving the increasing tribalism around vaccines, and who is it benefitting?
#vaccines #viralvideo #masks #billionaires #WarrenBuffett

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California Pushes for Universal Health Care
3 Views · 18 hours ago

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #JustPressPlay

This week on just press play, a new health care bill is making its way around the California assembly. The proposal would adopt a single-payer healthcare system to replace the need for private insurance plans, making California the first U.S. State to offer universal health care, regardless of immigration status. For this story and more stream it now!
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Today in History for January 17th
2 Views · 18 hours ago

Highlights of Today in History: Benjamin Franklin born; Soviet and Polish forces liberate Warsaw; Eisenhower farewell address; Japan earthquake; Al Capone is born;Muhammad Ali born.

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WHOA! They're Actually Doing This...
3 Views · 18 hours ago

WHOA! They're Actually Doing This...

This video covers how the great change in society is being implemented and how Fauci is spearheading it.

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Samuel Rivera -

They Never Had A Clue Until Now
3 Views · 18 hours ago

This Video Is Satire/Parody

Thanks for watching

Michael Burry: Greatest Stock Market Crash Of Our Time Is Coming!
2 Views · 18 hours ago

Experts and insiders are getting really spooked about the imminent threats on Wall Street and have been bracing for a devastating stock market crash as financial and economic conditions dramatically worsen. Several veteran investors are warning that the rampant speculation fueled by the US government and the Federal Reserve can not sustain asset prices forever, and a significant pullback is right ahead.
Amongst them, Scion Asset Management CEO and Big Short investor, Michael Burry, seems to be right about an impending financial disaster once again. The hedge fund manager, who famously bet against the country’s housing market in 2008, highlighted in a recent statement that the bond and stock markets are in a particularly vulnerable position given that they need the constant support of the corrupt US central bank. “Bond & stock markets depend on a Fed stripped of all credibility,” he said.
Burry, had warned at the end of 2020 that the central bank’s policies would spark inflation as we’ve never seen before. "Prepare for inflation," he tweeted back then. He even noted that we were heading to an environment of hyperinflation similar to what occurred in Germany in the 1920s, outlining that during that time everyone was playing the market and trading volumes were skyrocketing. "Sound familiar?" he asked. Well, if it didn’t in 2020, it certainly does now. That’s to say, with inflation rising almost 7%, the outlook is particularly concerning for volatile stocks such as tech.
That’s why the investor revealed that he had bet against Elon Musk's Tesla and Cathie Wood's Ark Invest, two investor favorites leading the tech bubble. It turns out that both of them have faced sizable crashes at the end of December and earlier this month as the tech bubble finally burst. One more hit for Burry’s count. The Scion boss revealed it held bearish put options on about 1.1 million Tesla shares. It also disclosed puts on Cathie Wood's Ark Innovation ETF, a key Tesla supporter. The experts rang the alarm again in a series of tweets: “Can $TSLA fall 80, 90%? After 2000, many high flyers did," he wrote.
Tesla has already lost billions after CEO Elon Musk started dumping shares of his own company to allegedly ‘pay for taxes,’ which according to Burry, is just a strategy to cash in money before a steeper decline in share prices. He said Musk was selling shares because he knew the electric-vehicle stock was extremely overvalued. But at the end of the day, "he doesn't need cash. He just wants to sell $TSLA," Burry added.
The market veteran has reiterated his previous warning that the market is in a “speculative bubble,” and a historic stock market crash is near. He pointed to today’s soaring prices and ballooning margin debt, and also compared the hype around Bitcoin, electric cars, software-as-a-service companies, and meme stocks to the dot-com and housing bubbles. He alerted that most assets had been "driven by speculative fervor to insane heights from which the fall will be dramatic and painful."
In Burry’s view, today’s overvaluation is much more worrying than what investors experienced in the 1990s, and that speculation is much higher now than in the 1920s. The investor argues that another troubling factor for financial markets is the rising geopolitical tension around the world. He fears that “we are fast moving towards an economic calamity, and government regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve are taking no action to prevent it”.
All things considered, it’s no wonder why he slashed his US portfolio from more than 20 holdings to only six, cutting its total value from almost $140 million to only $42 million. The founder of r/Burryology, a subreddit for Burry's close followers, told in a recent interview that the sales were a huge red flag that signaled Burry was preparing for “the mother of all crashes.” Of course, he is far from alone. Many other billionaire investors such are also getting ready for the meltdown that’s coming and have been sharing their forecasts with clients and online followers in recent weeks.
What makes the situation so alarming is that high valuations are putting the market in the most vulnerable position it’s ever been at a time when strong growth is in question, and liquidity is drying up. In short, this all means that this gigantic stock market bubble is on the verge of a gigantic crash. And those who saw the signs before are seeing them again right now.​

New Plan to Fight Inflation Will Cause More Inflation
3 Views · 18 hours ago

You can't fight inflation with more inflation. But that is exactly what the current administration is going to try to do with the meatpacking industry. Blaming exploitation and failed capitalism instead of unprecedented monetary expansion, policy makers plan to create even more money to give to small meatpackers to try and stimulate competition. Unfortunately, history already tells us how this will play out.

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#inflation #money #meat

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Back with another dose of economic reality: Today's topics, banks unleashed, mortgage rates, home prices, hedge funds buying real estate, will the housing bubble get popped?
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This channel contains news and analysis that often includes 'one mans opinion'. The information conveyed should never be taken as investment advice. Everyone should do their own due diligence and research before making investment and money decisions.

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CrossTalk | Crystal ball 2022
16 Views · 18 days ago

With 2021 rapidly coming to an end, it is time for some reflection. What will we remember about this year? How did our lives change? Also, we look forward to the New Year. What does 2022 have in store for us? Will we be living in interesting times?

CrossTalking with Joti Brar and John Laughland.

#news #trending #currentevents
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Hundreds of police to enforce COVID compliance at Queensland's New Year's Eve celebration
9 Views · 18 days ago

Hundreds of police will enforce COVID compliance as New Year's Eve celebrations go ahead in Queensland despite a dramatic rise in cases.

Tonight, there will be more than 60,000 pyrotechnic effects across two light shows at the South Bank Parklands.

The event is not ticketed, but it will be capped and fenced off, with a requirement to show their check-in in order to enter.

It comes as the Sunshine State recorded 3,118 new COVID-19 cases in the latest 24-hour testing period.

Private School Success Around the World
14 Views · 18 days ago

Some people say a "free market" in education is bad, because parents will get scammed.
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But in the real world, the opposite happens. From Korea to India, private schools innovate, while "free" government-runs schools rip people off.

In this video, CATO's Andrew Coulson goes around the world and shows how the best private school teachers in South Korea make millions of dollars, and how even some of the poorest people in the world spend money on private schools rather than subject their kids to bad government schools.

Leo & Layla's History Adventures with Galileo
21 Views · 18 days ago

Leo and Layla learn what scientific exploration is all about from "The Father of Modern Science."

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206 Marines Kicked Out for Defying Vax Rule; Colorado Gov. Reduces Truck Driver's 110-year Sent
9 Views · 18 days ago

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NTD News Today—12/31/2021
1. Colorado Wildfires Burn at Least 580 Homes
2. Governor Reduces Driver's 110-year Sentence
3. 206 Marines Kicked Out for Defying Vax Rule
4. Biden Calls on SCOTUS to Keep Vaccine Mandate
5. Times Square Ball Tested for New Year's Eve
6. Times Square New Year's Eve Celebrations Live Streaming on NTD From 10pm to 12:15am
7. Outgoing NYC Mayor De Blasio Says Goodbye
8. Champagne Shortage This New Year's Eve
9. Free Entry Dates to National Parks in 2022
10. Sydney Brings in 2022 With Dazzling Fireworks
11. Europeans Prepare for New Year’s Eve
12. Rio's Tourism Rebounds Ahead of Carnival
13. 6 Stories That Made Us Smile in 2021
14. 5 Movies to Watch Out for in 2022

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“Laughing All The Way To The Bank!!!” This Is A JOKE!!!
27 Views · 18 days ago

As it’s revealed that Senators invested in Big Tech stocks will soon be voting on antitrust bills that would impact their portfolios, we ask, will politicians REALLY ignore their own interests in favour of ours?
#NancyPelosi #BigTech #Corruption

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